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Hello everyone. I'll be starting a LPN program at Lincoln Tech at the Paramus location in June. I was wondering if there is any advice that someone can give me on what I can do to prepare myself... Read More

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    congrats DivaLaJuicy, I take the exam on the 8th hopefully i pass and be able to start august 8th

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    Lindu007, yes I am trying to do the 1 year program and I take the exam on the 8th
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    I am just about to finish the first quarter of this program. My last final is tomorrow. You will need to pay attention in class. Read every night. They will tell you about evolve for your text books, USE IT! Do not fall into the drama. If you have ***TOS--Please do not post names of individuals*** for A&P you will love her, she is very animated and she will go over stuff quickly but she is willing to help. Funds is a hard class, you need to read the chapter at least twice. ***TOS--Please do not post names of individuals*** is a great teacher and she will answer all of your questions. Stay alert, do not use your phone in class other then recording lectures and you will do fine! I will be in quarter 2, feel free to find me and ask questions! Good luck and see you next week!

    P.S. Make sure you are always in uniform, they check shoes and socks frequently and you cant wear a jacket or anything while in class. So keep aware, ***TOS--Please do not post names of individuals*** will send you home!!
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    lala goodluck, did you find out yet?
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    I just took the TEAS at the paramus Lincoln Tech campus and I found out today I passed the exam. I'm very surprised because it was really hard for me. It had four parts Reading,Math,Science, and Language arts. I struggled the whole test and the worst part for me was taking the test on the computer. It was difficult to read the screen sometimes, but GOD made sure I made through that part. Tommorrow I have to go to the campus and bring my diploma and start the process, they said I have to fill out the application, and see the director, and then what to hear if I got in the program. I hope I get in because I really want to be a LPN, can somebody tell me what's the next step and who else will start in September.
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    Good luck. VERY disorganized. I'm not here to discourage you, just giving the honesty I wish I had found when I signed up. Some great teachers, but most of the staff just care about your tuition being on time. They were just up for reviews and completely screwed my class. I completed the program but we spent most of the time fighting staff, calling corporate, and getting lawyers involved. Best of luck to you. $30,000 plus $5,000 on gas/toll/food and I just feel like i'd be much happier had I went somewhere else.
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    Hey I am about to finish q1 now and God help our whole class and those who are in the evening classes. The drama is worse than H.S and some of the professors, not using NAMES lol are just nasty and dont care about anything but themselves. Are you in the Day, afternoon or evening classes...

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