Looking for LPN-RN school in New Jersey Looking for LPN-RN school in New Jersey | allnurses

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Looking for LPN-RN school in New Jersey

  1. 0 Looking for a LPN-RN school in New jersey that's 12-15 mths long and includes in prereqs.

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    st francis in trenton. its about 10 months. BUT you need prereqs. ALL lpn to RN in NJ you will need pre reqs;
    - some programs even require you have a liscense and working for 1 year min.

    go to a local county college and take your pre reqs; if youve ever taken classes before science classes can be no later than 5 years old; other gen. req. such as english 10 yrs

    you will need

    A & P I
    A&P II
    ENG I&II

    That can be done in 9 months if you do classes like this:

    fall 2012 -- a&p I, eng I, gen pysch & college alg.
    winter 2012 --a&p II
    spring 2013-- microbio ; eng 2 & lifespan