Holy name school of nursing interview advice (teaneck nj)

  1. I got a call to set up an interview at holy name school of nursing in Teaneck NJ. Not too sure what to expect. Does anyone have any advice? or recall any types of questions they asked? any advice is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   foxmonster68
    I am also applying to this program. I was wondering after you completed your application did you get a call about the interview? Good luck!!!
  4. by   stephh1015
    Quote from foxmonster68
    I am also applying to this program. I was wondering after you completed your application did you get a call about the interview? Good luck!!!

    After I completed the TEAS exam I got a call to schedule an interview. From my understanding you need to pass the TEAS in order to get an interview.
  5. by   lexabella
    How long did you have to wait for a call. I just took there teas test last week .
  6. by   minttea90
    Hi guys, I'm taking the test this week, and was just wondering what scores did you receive in order to get the call for the interview?? I keep hearing from different people that we need to score at least a 70% but I'm not sure if this is accurate. Thanks!
  7. by   lexabella
    Yes 65 above and then the interview even then you may not get In . I have to back up schools incase
  8. by   minttea90
    Oh wow. I studied as much as I can, but I'm not really sure what to expect...especially for the math portion. I also applied to back-up schools in case; my 2nd choice is mountainside SON. Did you receive a call for an interview yet ?
  9. by   lexabella
    Yes I did. Everyone there seems very nice the one gripe so far I have is its hard to reach administration. I've had a few questions and I havent been able to reach anyone. I've left messages and emails. So as of now I am leaning towards mountainside myself as much as I love holyname set up for there curriculum. .. I wish you luck I hope you do well. Keep me posted
  10. by   minttea90
    Thanks! I actually took it today and I got a 64. Do you mind me asking what was your score? And did you have any college/school experience?
    Sorry for all the questions...Im just really nervous and I want to know what they're looking for.
    It is really hard to reach the front desk at Holy Name, and my messages always go unanswered. Mountainside seems great, have you interviewed there yet? Best of luck to you!
  11. by   lexabella
    I got a 68 :/ lol . I don't have any college . I spoke to mountainside I have to do my pre req which they gave me a list of what they want , they are going to have my app on waiting till I finish the requirements as long as I get a C and above I am in. So lets see what holyname decision is I would like to do everything at one shot.
  12. by   minttea90
    That's a pretty good score. And I know what you mean, I would like to do everything in one shot as well. The waiting game is the worst part though . How long did it take Mountainside to call you for an interview after your app was complete? How about holy name?
  13. by   lexabella
    Quickly within a week , week half
  14. by   minttea90
    Hey, I was contacted by mhson for an interview last week, just waiting on the decision... did you hear back from holy name yet ?

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