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    I live in South Jersey. as I'm new there, would like ur opinion about best nursing schools in that area. i'm from europe and i have BA degree in finance. i did a lot of research online and not sure what to do. Acceleratednursing program ---i could go but as i had nothing to do with biology and microbiology , im little nervous that it will be hard for me. but i really wanna go for nursing. I've been taking care of people for over 5 years and i love helping people and would love working in ER soo much. also i would like to know hat books do they use in nursing school so maybe i could read them before i'll go for it so i have a some idea. thanks
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  4. by   ChrissyRN74
    Hey nina_82. If you are looking for an accelerated BSN program both Rutgers and UMDNJ have them but if your original BA is a non sciences degree you will still have to take your science pre reqs. I would look to your local CC and start there. If you are looking to go for your ADN most of the CC have them down here. The only thing is that almost every nursing school in south jersey has a waiting list of about 2 years to get in. Where are you located at in S Jersey?