Fairleigh Dickinson University ABSN Program

  1. hello everyone

    i started a thread last year on this very program in the general discussion thread but got very few detailed responses, so maybe this section will help me more.

    in february, i received my acceptance letter to fdu 2 year absn program, and have been looking for personal information from anyone who has attended or is attending right now. my plans are to attend the program (i have already confirmed myself for orientation this month). i ask because for some reason i can find very little to no one information about anyone's personal experience.

    if anyone has attended or is currently in the program i would appreciate any feedback

    1. how did you pay for school? (i ask because the tuition of $60,000 a year blew my mind. i had no idea it would be that much and thought it was the entire cost of the 2 years i will be attending)
    2. did you enjoy the fdu campus?
    3. were you socially involved on campus if time allowed it?
    4. what were the classes really like given the schedule of evening courses?
    5. did you work at all during your nursing program?
    6. what was your interaction like with other students and faculty?
    7. tell me about your clinicals? were they more at hospitals or nursing homes? what days and hours did you have? all the pros and cons please
    8. how were the nursing school facilities?
    9. tell me about the professors
    10. did you regret paying out that much money for your education?
    11. was it difficult for you to obtain employment within a year's time of graduating?
    12. would you recommend this program to prospective freshman or transfer students?
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  3. by   PhoenixTech

    I would contact the last person to post in this thread via PM. She seems very knowledgeable and willing to help answer any questions you may have.