Does Rutgers accept Online Courses? Does Rutgers accept Online Courses? | allnurses

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Does Rutgers accept Online Courses?

  1. 0 Anyone know? Saw something online in one section about English that said they didn't, but seems so unlikely, right? especially for non-science courses.
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    Please someone that has just started Rutgers reply? I am obsessing over this, and just dropped a sociology class at a local community college on a whim thinking I would take it online, and now I realize they probably won't accept it. Emailed admissions and the admin for Nursing and haven't heard back.
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    I think Rutgers does accept them. But I'd give them a call just to be sure. I called them a while back, but I cannot remember what they said. Do you know by chance if Northeastern accepts online courses?
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    Also, how do you post a new question? I can only figure out how to comment on other topics.