Burlington County College Fall 2013

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    I was just wondering if anyone knew when we should hear about our letter of intent forms from Burlington College. The suspense is killing me!

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    The acceptance letters will be mailed no later then April 15th. Are you in any classes right now?
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    No classes for me. I finished all of my classes except Nur 103 and I am taking that in July. Actually the day I posted this I got a call saying my high school transcripts could not be found and I had to request a new one and they had to be at the school by March 15. Which makes me really nervous because they are coming from Massachusetts. So hopefully they are on there way or at the school already.
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    Has anyone gotten into the nursing program with 3 classes left?
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    I don't know. I have heard from other people that unless you are a student with great grades straight out of high school, they like to see all classes done. I shot myself in the foot though, first I got a call that they lost my high school transcrpts then I was told my basic biology was no good so I need to take BIO 120/121, which I had no idea of because if I had known I would of taken it. No mind I took all the other biologys and got good grades. So I am now applying for January. Frustration.
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    I was looking at the message boards from last year, and it looks like they started receiving their letters on March 24th...which would be this Saturday. I am nervous, too. Still in A&P II and Micro, and have Nutrition in Summer 1.
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    I'm very surprised no one has started posting anything yet for fall 13. I'm in A&PII and Philosophy and taking micro in the summer. Keep in touch!
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    I'm applying to spring as well just in case cause im taking my current classes online at ocean county and in the summer so I have to transfer them.
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    You don't need to take NUR 103 prior to getting into the Nursing program do you? I am not really sure what NUR 103 consists of....
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    No you don't. You can look up the course description on web advisor and in the nursing book it tell you about it too.

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