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I was just wondering if anyone knew when we should hear about our letter of intent forms from Burlington College. The suspense is killing me!... Read More

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    Laurend11 - I send you a private message.

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    I received my letter last week and got accepted for the Fall 2013 Day Program!!!! I am so happy! If anyone has any questions about the process after acceptance or when I get into the program, I will gladly share any helpful info!

    Heather--I sent you a message back!

    I am so excited and encourage everyone to not get down if you got wait-listed this semester. I have all of my pre-requisites complete and have been waiting to get into a nursing program for quite a while now! It will happen!!
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    Congratulations...enjoy your free time while you can after I started I almost forgot what the sun looked like!
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    Just spoke to ********* and she said no spots have opened up yet for those on the waiting list! grr I'm so impatient.
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    I finally am off the waiting list! I got my acceptance letter today. So there is still hope!
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    Congrats! Do you still have any classes left or in any classes?
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    Hey everyone! I got into BCC nursing program for fall 2013. I got my letter at the end of march. I sent in my $100 deposit and did my background and drug test. Mine was due april 15. They said once you do all that you will hear more info. I was wondering if anyone heard anything yet? I wish everyone good luck and hope to met all of you!
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    I am still waiting on the registration packet that they are supposed to be sending out as well...I'm glad I am not the only one who is still waiting. Can't wait to meet everyone either!
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    Good glad i'm not the only one either! Has anyone taken nursing 103 yet? Or is anyone taking it? I am thinking about taking it over the summer
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    Hi! I am wondering the same thing about the packets. I was accepted to the fall 2013 program and completed my uds and background check (along with the 100 dollars) almost a month ago. I was thinking about contacting the nursing dept.?

    *** I registered for the summer 1 medication adm. course; I hope to meet some of you!
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