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  1. Has anyone gone to Brookdale CC in Lincroft ,NJ ? How did you like it? Do you know if the waiting list goes by GPA as well or do they just go by the list? How long is waiting list?
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  3. by   rwrn4015
    I am a recent grad from bcc. I loved the curriculum. When I put my name on the waiting list, they told me it was 1 yr wait, but in the end they ended up calling me to tell me after one semester of being on the list. I know the wait now is a whole lot longer. After you take the hobbit, ( which is the entrance test) your name goes on the list. I ve heard they always tell people a longer wait then their really is. But in the meantime its good to get your science classes out of the way. Everything goes so quick, being on the waiting list gives you time to do the other requirements, such as attending a CNA or CHHA class, which is mandatory before starting the nursing program. I would be more than happy to answer anymore questions.
  4. by   krisal24
    Thanks for responding. I have already completed my CNA course....I actually work as onre right now. When I talked to my advisor, she told me all I would need to do is complete chem 136 and I would be able to take the NET. Then while I am on the waiting list I can take bio111 which is required before nursing classes. I hope I have the info right cause I want to get as much done as necessary to be able to get in to the nursing program.

    The wait is now 1.5 years but they are supposedly getting some new classes started and a few more professors so it may move quicker....I hope so. If there is anything you could share with me....give me some pointers....etc....I would really appreciate it. Thanks again and congrats on recent graduation!!!
  5. by   NYcDcG
    I am currently on the BCC waiting list. I was told the wait is about 2 yrs. I also heard that the more pre-req's you have taken can bump you up on the list. I just passed my NET exam on 4.2.2008 so we'll see how long until I start my clinicals. I've only taken pre-req's so far (BIOL 105 & 111, CHEM 136) and they were great. Prof's are knowledgeable/helpful.
  6. by   jojoluvzya

    I'm currently a Brookdale student and I like the program alot. Yes there are hurdles and they love to change the curriculum last minute, but all in all, I really have no major complaints. Teachers are good and supportive..well, so far. I'm in the 4th semester now (261). I started with 160...not 161, so I'm in the 5 semester program.

    If you have any questions..give a shout!
  7. by   Dara PreRN
    I was originally living up by Brookdale and attending there (stopped Dec. 2007)... it took 1 1/2 years on the waiting list before getting my letter... be patient...

    I now live in Burlington County where there is no wait at all... I never knew such places existed!

    Good luck and be patient your time will come!

    -Dara NJ
  8. by   m1739422
    I took my net test in Feb. 08 and I as told it would be at least 2 years and i started in January of '09. The only thing i dont like is the finals are Hesi test and I wasnt prepared for it in Nurs 160.

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