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Last Thursday I was at the college for the purpose of collecting my Chemistry grade with some classmates. Apparently, there was a graduation ceremony for RN's going on that night as well, and my friends started talking to one... Read More

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    And thank you for the congrats ;-)

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    Current students get first dibs at registration - but it has to be in person before general registration starts - not sure when that does but it's soon.

    Question for you guys - how do find an academic counselor? I'd love to talk to someone who can direct me toward the best classes to take if I don't get in for 2010. Thanks!
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    The last day was today, the 23rd. I read another thread that said the 25th, but according to the department, today was the last day. I think the initial intentions were to have "waves" of students take the exam, like those who applied early take it in the first wave, then another wave for those who applied after yadda yadda. BUT, there was that whole fiasco with Elsevier (joke of a company by the way). Apparently BCC wanted people to register within 7 days of receiving their emails, but Elsevier takes "3-5" business days to process these requests. Somewhere there was a miscommunication. I sent mine in two minutes after I got it in my inbox the very day it was sent, and on Friday they sent me an email asking me to specify the program, Nursing or Radiography(which I was NOT told to specify in the email). They then sent me another email saying that I would have to wait 3-5 business days AGAIN to be registered. So, that day I was back and forth on the phone with 2 secretaries who said they had gotten a few calls about this already. The whole mess was fixed by BCC "opening" all the dates to everyone regardless of how early they applied. PHEW!
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    I don't know exactly when the cutoff date for the fall is, but anyone taking classes there right has early registration dates. ( I've already signed up for fall nursing level 3 and there are only a few seats left )If you play a sport you get first pickin's of everything. There has been a 17% increase in students since I started so classes are hard to get into, because everyone got there first..go online and see whats still available
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    Yall help me I have to pay tuition now for the gen ed (back-up) classes? I don't want to pay for them now if I will *hopefully* be accepted to nursing and have to change a bunch of classes!
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    UkGirl, NP! A wedding in Kentucky, how awesome!

    Peace333, I have heard some counselors are not helpful, but I think most students get upset when they tell them things they do not want to hear. I see Prof. Finney, the loveliest person I have met at Bergen thus far. She is very creative at making courses work for degrees in other majors and is a sweetheart to boot
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    That elsevier issue was a disaster! What a mess!! I didn't know it was a widespread thing, I just felt like the "Gods" were against me!! LOL!! I thought for sure Bergen was sabotaging me!
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    If you register now, the bill is due July something, I think the first. The later you register, the longer you have, but not by a lot. We should know by then anyway
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    Who should I take for A&P II??

    And Develpmtl Psych??

    And Microbiology??
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    Quote from ukgirl7655
    That elsevier issue was a disaster! What a mess!! I didn't know it was a widespread thing, I just felt like the "Gods" were against me!! LOL!! I thought for sure Bergen was sabotaging me!
    HAHAHA, This is exactly what I was thinking. I was FUMMING that day! I swore they were sabotaging me as well!, speaks to how badly I want to get in, lol. That should be the exam. Just one question:

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how ENRAGED were you when you got that email from Elsevier?

    *****. Top 90 scores are the winners!

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