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Last Thursday I was at the college for the purpose of collecting my Chemistry grade with some classmates. Apparently, there was a graduation ceremony for RN's going on that night as well, and my... Read More

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    I must have asked 30 people what the cutoff was last year. One person told me a 97, another said 79. The rumors are all over the place, lol.

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    haha -Me too. Although this is only the second time they've used the HESI for the entrance exam, right? So perhaps the people we've asked were referring to the Accuplacer test, which I think didn't include sciences. I'm hoping that since the national average is a 69, getting in the high 80s and 90s will assure a place. All I know is I need to stop obsessing over this!
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    Well, the person that told me that 97 was the cutoff for the '09 class took the HESI A2 last year. But again, she either a) was misinformed or b.) was a hater. LOL.

    Really, for Biology, there is nothing you can do besides read the most random facts that you can find that are as minorly related to any science as possible(think Alchemy, lol) and cross your fingers that those facts will be on there LOL.(The only thing I would say is worth knowing well(like down to minute details) is cell reproduction). For Vocab, know all the words in "the book". I would say about 8 of them were on there which is a lot considering the English language has like, 30,000 words(I'm guessing lol). The rest was cake.

    To prep for Chem, review your CHM100 notes if you took it. If you haven't, take it with Tscherne. She is the toughest little cookie on the planet but the only reason I remembered enough to get a 96 on that part was because she tested us on every detail...Good luck next year, and if I get in, you can have my HESI book if you like, it's all highlighted, but really the only part worth knowing is the Vocab anyway
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    In my chem class last semester (who did you have for chem btw, moojie?) there was guy that was accepted into the evening program who scored an 80% - 81% on the Hesi and a girl in our class was not accepted and her score was a 79%!!! So it was TIGHT that time!!

    Yeah, GPA should most defiitely be a determining factor...I studied my tail off for A&P and Chem!!!!! While working full-time AND planning my wedding! As a matter of fact, I just *pray* that a) I am accepted, and b) that I find out I am accepted before I fly home to Kentucky on June 7th for my June 12th wedding! I really don't want to be checkin my dang e-mail before I walk down the aisle! And just imagine my deflation if I did find out that *gasp* I wasn't accepted right before walking down the aisle! LOL!! AWFUL!!!! I musn't think such things

    From reading a ton of other threads on here from last year, if you are accepted you then have like 2 weeks to satisfy some other requirements (physical exam, CPR, yada, yada, yada) since I will be on my honey moon until June 22nd I went out on a limb and sceduled my CPR training for June 23rd! Sure hope I didn't put the cart before the horse there!! That would be bummer to pay $80 for CPR and not have anywhere to "use" it
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    It obviously depends on the cumulative scores of each group - totaly out of our control now. If I don't get in, I will just continue taking the general Ed courses - Anatomy II, Developmental Psych and Sociology - altho I may be able to transfer that credit from my BA degree. So either way, I have a plan for next year - that's my way of getting thru this wait
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    I couldn't agree more peace333! I have already decided that if I don't get in in the fall I will just take more pre-req's and then aim for the evening program if possible. This waiting game is pretty old already tho....another month of this is for the birds!!!!!!!!
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    So, UK girl, from what you heard, it sounds like the range last year was from 80 and up on the HESI tests - again, just assuming, but it sounds like that was the range. We'll see what happens this time around - but fromwhat I'm reading, it sounds like the HESI is a bit harder than the Accuplacer.
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    I had Dr. Tscherne for Chem...

    And I have the same plan as you guys. I registered on the 19th for 6 classes in the fall in case I do not get in. I want to finish a liberal arts degree if I am not accepted and at the same time I will take the exam for the evening program. If anyone here has not already, see your counselors for a contingency plan. I found mine to be very helpful and creative in finding ways to get the classes I already took for this major into another one.

    UKGirl, congratulations! And TY for the reminder, I have to get my physical done as well
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    Well, that range was for the spring 2010 evening program...which I would think would be more competitive because of fewer spots available (I may have made that up tho, not sure if the evening program is any smaller or not!) but then again I bet there are fewer applicants to compete with. Ugh...IDK!!!!!! I have made myself crazy tryin to figure out the "formula" so I can hopefully feel a little bit better about my chances!!

    Do we know when the last day to take the test is?, a real deadline? I gues there are several deadlines depending on when you applied....
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    Man!!! I didn't think about scheduling classes for the fall as a back up...I only thought that it would be a great idea to take some if I didn't get in!! Haha!! Too many things goin on over here!! I need to do that!

    I have a BA in Communications and as it turns out *when* (WHEN!!! not IF!!) I get into the program I will only have to take something like 33-36 credits out of the 69 because of what carries over from my degree. And I actually need to look into another 2 classes that might also count (hoping I can convince them to "take another look" at my transcript ). When does registration for the fall cut off?? I need to schedule some classes as a contingency plan!!

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