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Last Thursday I was at the college for the purpose of collecting my Chemistry grade with some classmates. Apparently, there was a graduation ceremony for RN's going on that night as well, and my... Read More

  1. by   msfutureRN20
    By the way, Peace333

    I am also very anxious to see if I make it, but I did speak with someone from Admissions and word is we will find out either in May or the first week in June.
  2. by   fishermanIV
    hey peace 333, sound to me that i'll be seeing you next semester in the nursing program. professor flannery is great. i had her for a&p 2, try and learn the krebs cycle early..even before she gets to it. her last exam is endocrine and exocrine..learn it well..that will be a big help..the krebs cycle still confuses me sometimes. the newest nclex book is [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif][color=#431a00]davis?s q&a review for the nclex-rn examination [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif][color=#431a00]by kathleen ohman[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif][color=#431a00] , also when you get into the nursing program, look for students in the library who are doing care plans on the computer and strike up a conversation about who they have, what level they are in, what advice they can'll be surprised how helpful the nursing students can be. offering tips on care plans, how to study for a certain teachers test...level 1 is about the fundamentals of nursing, it can be very boring, but it's'll have 3 classes in level 1 and the 1st "fundamentals" test will be on i believe 26-28 chapters, the phy assessment will be on 18 chapters and pharm will be on 10 can be done..i would suggest getting the calculate w/ confidence now so you know it , giving you more time to read other stuff...get a pocket med dictionary ..don't spend more than $5 for them..they can go for up to $60..but they are all the same for now..know the can tell you who has the cheapest price for the book you just have to know the isbn #, if you don't know it, look it up on then go to dealoz. also before buying a book from someone, make sure they are not ripping you off..check out what it's worth first...beware of get a lot of people (dealers) buying the books you need and reselling them to you at a higher to class now..1 last 1 is going to tell you this in level 1, but they library has dvd's by judy miller..they will save your butt..check em out
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  3. by   MMR846
    Hi Fisherman IV,

    I would like to know what was in the Hesi vocabulary exam. Any medical terms? About the reading comprehension, are they related to medical issues? Short or long reading? Do you remember how many questions? Please reply.
  4. by   ukgirl7655
    Hey All Fall 2010 Hopefuls!!

    I am also SUPER eager to find out if I made the cut...I got a 91.25% over all but am especially concerned about the "quota" (Fisherman - you got me all freaked out! Haha!! Just teasin' ya )!!!

    How has everyone else done so far? I know the average is 69%, but as far as everyone on this thread goes...I'm curious where we are all landing in the line-up!! Sounds like most of us are doin' pretty well! I guess that's why we are the ones on here anxious to find out!

    How did yall do??
  5. by   moojie
    Hello everyone I just got home from the exam! I got a 92.8 overall. Here is how I faired for each subject:

    Reading Comp:97

    Biology was ridiculous. I think some questions that were on there were way too specific. That 80 brought my score down Oh WELL, I am still crossing my fingers Good luck to all!
  6. by   ukgirl7655
    Congrats!!!!! I also thought the Bio was kinda crazy...the answered I knew, I knew...but the answers I didn't know, I HAD NO CLUE!!!!!!! I ended up with an 84% in both the sciences....good job on the Chem, I felt the same about it as I did the Bio.

    Here is how I did:

    Math - 94
    Bio - 84
    Chem - 84
    Reading/Comp - 94
    Vocab - 96
    Grammar - 96
    Over all - 91.25

    I HOPE this is enough to get in....fingers crossed!!

    Do we know whether they take our GPA (for prereq's) into consideration as well??
  7. by   moojie
    Yea, Bio was ridiculous. I took this section first and I thought I was going to die afterwards, lol. The Chem I mostly knew because I took it last semester and it was my favorite subject... You did really well btw I do not think they care about GPA. I asked my counselor and she said that as far as she knew, they were still taking the top XY scores. I wish the GPA was more of a factor. I think it is a testament to a person's work ethic, and as fisherman said, there is a high drop out rate. In theory someone with a 2.5 student can get in while the 4.0 student is left out to dry. Here is my idea: give the test, take the top 200 or so scores, and then put that in order from highest GPA to lowest and take the top 90 or whatever. That seems fair to me... this way you are not putting all your stock into one part of a person's portfolio. Nah mean?
  8. by   peace333
    Congrats on doing so well everyone! Does anyone know what the cutoff score was last year for the HESI at Bergen - and what is the current national average for the HESI?
  9. by   moojie
    I must have asked 30 people what the cutoff was last year. One person told me a 97, another said 79. The rumors are all over the place, lol.
  10. by   peace333
    haha -Me too. Although this is only the second time they've used the HESI for the entrance exam, right? So perhaps the people we've asked were referring to the Accuplacer test, which I think didn't include sciences. I'm hoping that since the national average is a 69, getting in the high 80s and 90s will assure a place. All I know is I need to stop obsessing over this!
  11. by   moojie
    Well, the person that told me that 97 was the cutoff for the '09 class took the HESI A2 last year. But again, she either a) was misinformed or b.) was a hater. LOL.

    Really, for Biology, there is nothing you can do besides read the most random facts that you can find that are as minorly related to any science as possible(think Alchemy, lol) and cross your fingers that those facts will be on there LOL.(The only thing I would say is worth knowing well(like down to minute details) is cell reproduction). For Vocab, know all the words in "the book". I would say about 8 of them were on there which is a lot considering the English language has like, 30,000 words(I'm guessing lol). The rest was cake.

    To prep for Chem, review your CHM100 notes if you took it. If you haven't, take it with Tscherne. She is the toughest little cookie on the planet but the only reason I remembered enough to get a 96 on that part was because she tested us on every detail...Good luck next year, and if I get in, you can have my HESI book if you like, it's all highlighted, but really the only part worth knowing is the Vocab anyway
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  12. by   ukgirl7655
    In my chem class last semester (who did you have for chem btw, moojie?) there was guy that was accepted into the evening program who scored an 80% - 81% on the Hesi and a girl in our class was not accepted and her score was a 79%!!! So it was TIGHT that time!!

    Yeah, GPA should most defiitely be a determining factor...I studied my tail off for A&P and Chem!!!!! While working full-time AND planning my wedding! As a matter of fact, I just *pray* that a) I am accepted, and b) that I find out I am accepted before I fly home to Kentucky on June 7th for my June 12th wedding! I really don't want to be checkin my dang e-mail before I walk down the aisle! And just imagine my deflation if I did find out that *gasp* I wasn't accepted right before walking down the aisle! LOL!! AWFUL!!!! I musn't think such things

    From reading a ton of other threads on here from last year, if you are accepted you then have like 2 weeks to satisfy some other requirements (physical exam, CPR, yada, yada, yada) since I will be on my honey moon until June 22nd I went out on a limb and sceduled my CPR training for June 23rd! Sure hope I didn't put the cart before the horse there!! That would be bummer to pay $80 for CPR and not have anywhere to "use" it
  13. by   peace333
    It obviously depends on the cumulative scores of each group - totaly out of our control now. If I don't get in, I will just continue taking the general Ed courses - Anatomy II, Developmental Psych and Sociology - altho I may be able to transfer that credit from my BA degree. So either way, I have a plan for next year - that's my way of getting thru this wait

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