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Last Thursday I was at the college for the purpose of collecting my Chemistry grade with some classmates. Apparently, there was a graduation ceremony for RN's going on that night as well, and my... Read More

  1. by   nurseap
    Thanks for the info. I scored an 84.5, which I'm hoping will be good enough to make the cut! We will see!! Good luck to all!
  2. by   msfutureRN20
    i thought you were taking the exam on Friday?
  3. by   msfutureRN20
    By the way... good luck to you too!
  4. by   moojie
    Never mind, I thought the scores you put up were yours, lol.
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  5. by   msfutureRN20
    nooooo silly. lol....

    my total score for everything is an 87.5.....

    those scores were just the averages... but anyway thanks for telling me that.. so that confuses me though, so why did it say our class average for anatomy was a 20 ? I thought some people did have to take the anatomy. (Even though I didn't have to either)
  6. by   moojie
    Well, probably it includes the "zeroes" in that average as well. The radiography applicants may be lumped in there. So if 80 percent are not taking the exam and 20 percent did and got 100, then that would give you that 20 average...those numbers are made up but you know what I mean. LOL. I take my exam tomorrow, I am super duper nervous for the Chem and Bio sections.
  7. by   msfutureRN20
    Don't be. The biology is not too bad, do you have the practice book? I found that to be very helpful.
    As for the chemistry, I did not find the book to be helpful. The chemisty, was where my problem was. But don't worry too much, review and good luck!!
  8. by   peace333
    Hi everyone! I took the Hesi exam yesterday and agree with everything said here - definitely study your biology and chemistry.

    My question - is today, 4/23, the last day BCC prospective nurses can take the exam? And, when does Evolve usually send you the e:mail with your scores/averages after you finish the exam? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  9. by   fishermanIV
    Hi, sometimes people are given extra time to take the test , due to unforeseen circumstances, but once everyone has taken the test they notify the school with the scores. The schools will send out letters within 3-4 weeks and you have to pass a criminal background check first. Then they take the top 90, some say there is no quota, some say there is. But from what I have seen the groups are very mixed now. I believe there is a quota. Anyway, once you get accepted, try and get your books. Don't wait to buy them from the school bookstore. They can be last years edition. There is 1 book called Calculate w/ Confidence, which is required for Pharmacology. I got mine for $0.75, the newest version sells for about $75.00. Even the first day of class the teacher told us not to buy the new 1.It's the same content almost word for word. Also checkout craigslist for students selling their books..I got some great deals there, but be careful, some people are tryingto sell books that are not required, but say they are...get the list...2 books that are very helpful for everyone are "Fundamentals Success" & Testing for Success"...everyone I know that has remained in the program has used them. ( a bit of info ..our class of 30 is now down to 8 ) Also get Care Plan books 2-3 should be enough, get NCLEX books and start reading them during the program AND DON'T STOP READING THEM. Another book not required but helpful is a Pathophysiology book, it will give you some insight when doing a care plan.if I can be of any help let me know...GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE..Esp. the 90 who do get in...
  10. by   peace333
    Thank you, Fisherman! great advice - especially about the books. I'm taking AP1 and Chem now at BCC as prerequisites, and understand how expensive the bookstore is! I will definitely keep Craiglist in mind.

    Wow, from 30 to 8? That's amazing - are you second year? Did the others fail or just drop out? Is that program that intense?

    I'm worried about my chances for entrance - I have a great gpa, and my test score was ok, but I have no idea what others will do - I'm waiting for the averages on the Evolve site to give me a better idea. I hope to get in - if not, I will just continue getting classes out of the way.
  11. by   fishermanIV
    Hey Peace 333,
    As you know the books are not cheap. I took A&P with the professor who wrote the book. Since he wrote it , a new edition comes out every year..WHICH IS BS..he changes a few words and REQUIRES you to buy the new edition. YOU SHOULD SEE HIS HOME AND ALL THE CARS HE HAS..he never wears the same suit to class. Why should he. At 160.00 a pop per student per class per year..he's living off the royalties, not to say he is not a great teacher..I learned a lot from him. I missed 1 of his tests due to a death in the family and had to do a make up test.It was 10 pages double sided. I received a B on it..he was shocked and made the comment that no one has ever gotten higher than a C on his make up exams. Anyway, the reason I think I got into the program, other than my scores was that I had a high GPA and had taken my pre-reqs at all I had left was to take my nursing classes..I am now in level 2 with only a month left. The drop out rate is high. Some dropped out because it wasn't for them, which is a shame because that could have been a seat for someone who really wanted to become a nurse. Others didn't make it to level 2 because they failed 1 class in level 1..if you fail 2 , you're OUT..and some didn't make it to level 2 because they failed clinical...even if you have A's in all 3 level 1 nursing classes, if you don't pass clinical, you don't pass and that means another yrs waiting to take that class over again. BTW, don't go to the the rate my professor site, if you do, you will have it in your head that the teacher is crappy. They are tough classes to they have to be tough.I will say that some comments on there are SOOOO true, but it's all what you make of can pass by just reading the power points, but you won't fully know the material if you don't read the book...they now have a new NCLEX book out, I'll get you the name, because the new NCLEX exam to be licensed has changed. they have more fill in the blanks, more multiple multiples ( which means if you get 4 out of the 5 right answers to the didn't get the answer correct, another is that you will be wearing head phones for some questions when the ask you to listen to a heart beat and answer what you's getting keep reading the NCLEX books, go to all the sites they tell you to, and read , read, read
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  12. by   peace333
    Thanks so much for the info! That is ashame about people dropping out since it wasn't for them - and those who have to wait a year even tho a seat is open. I really want to make it in the program for Fall - I have Kanterman for AP1 now and love him - wonderful teacher. I plan to sign up for Flannery for AP2 for the Fall, and then wait to see if I get into the program. It's so hard not knowing where your test scores/gpa stands among all the applicants. I have a BA with a 3.75 gpa, and an A in Anatomy, B+ in Chem, both from Bergen. You just never know - so here's hoping, and good news is that it's competitive, so a good program.

    Any other advice you can give is greatly appreciated! When did you find out about acceptance - in May or June?
  13. by   msfutureRN20
    Hey Peace333,

    I took my HESI on the 14th for the fall program as well....
    You asked a specific question about if the 23rd is the last day for testing.....
    I've heared the 25th is..... which would be this Sunday.. I think some people are taking it tom. (SAT.) Anyway, good luck to the both of us. Hope to see you in the fall. Let's keep our fingers crossed.