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Last Thursday I was at the college for the purpose of collecting my Chemistry grade with some classmates. Apparently, there was a graduation ceremony for RN's going on that night as well, and my friends started talking to one... Read More

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    HI, First off GOOD LUCK, 2nd, go there a day in advance so you know exactly where it is, arrive early and make sure you are not hungry, tired, or overstressed. Pick your strong subject first to build your confidence ( you can go in any order ) . You do not need or nor can you bring anything in with you. There is a drop down calculator when needed. You should know A&P, because everything in the nursing program is based on it, but you are not tested on anything on A&P. Nothing on the test is in medical terms. The math and the English are both general questions. The math is simple, but I think they ask about solutions ie. (10%solution ). The eng. part is ie. what is the main theme of the paragraph, what is the best way to finish this sentence, where should the comma go...I think they do ask you to convert a F. to a C. temp . They ask alot of bio questions, like what is the strongest acid in the body and more in detail things in bio. There is no med terms to know, but a word of advice when you do get into the nursing program- a medical terminology course is not required but it is helpful ( take eve slotkin..she is the best )oops, almost forgot know your acids and bases....and let me know how you'll find out when you start classes that you will meet other students in different levels...don't be afraid to ask us questions....I have a few things that might help, but i'd rather not say them online..u can email GOOD LUCK
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    i took the hesi for another school. the math section had a caculator-so everyone better get a 100. biology and chem are really simple. study from the evolve test-if this was recommended like it was for the other school i toook the exam for. the words were both medical and english-so prepare....

    everyone else- how did u guys score in the sciences?
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    this is also in the hesi-the use of i.e and i.g which u r not using properly above (i didnt get these in the exam, but i learned from the practice book and I am mentioning it here to help others in case it shows up) i.g is (for example) i.e (that is)

    certain animals, ig (for example) -cats and dogs

    i am sad, i.e- (that is) i am depressed

    see the difference?
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    by the way. i dont mean to sound rude.. just want to much was the hesi for bmcc? and what scores were they looking for in each section?
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    sorry aspiring nurse, I was trying to be helpful between doing my care plans, process recording reports and studying for 3 tests, so forgive me for making that mistake....btw, i do know the difference and if you want to get technical it's not ig ( which could stand for imspector general), but e.g. meaning exempli gratia and i.e. means id est ( in other words ) ..but i was preoccupied with more important things...i won't bother helping glad I didn't give out any of the good hints
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    Hello everyone I know a ton of people are taking their tests this week, as it is the last week to do so for entrance into the Fall program. I have mine on Friday, and I am nervous to no end! I have a some questions for those Bergen students that got into the program after taking the HESI A2(it has only been given for the past year, right?)

    What was your score(if you don't mind me asking)?
    Any idea what the cutoff score was for your class?
    How specific are the questions in the Biology and Chemistry sections?
    For the chemistry questions, are they stated in such a way that you do NOT need a periodic table, or should I know the atomic numbers/charges/oxidation #s for basic elements?
    How did you do in the chem/bio sections (again, if you do not mind me asking)?
    What is the schedule like? How many days and hours are you in the school?

    I know these are a lot of questions, and I would greatly appreciate any feedback from you guys. You have all been so generous with your time I am not too worried about the English and Math parts, but I have not taken Biology in ten years and there is so much I have had to re-learn for this exam that some advice on what to focus on would be fantastic.
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    woa its really not that serious! fisherman

    i know i was reading allnurses moments before taking my hesi and i know any small detail could help and throw anyone off. i hope u do keep helping others in this post regardless of how i hurt ur feelings. i know there are many grammatical errors in these sentences, but i found studying for the hesi useful. i learned a lot about the english language in the hesi practice book, and i just wanted to share that. i attend an ivy league institution currently, and i didnt even know the difference between ig or whom and i honestly just wanted to help. above i even said please dont take it personal. too bad u did-hope people could be honest with u in the nursing field and u r ready to accept some critizism or hurtful words..bcus u will need to man up a lil more.

    anyway good luck to everyone goin to bergen. i really enjoyed taking prereqs there and would have liked to do my nursing there as well. Too bad i missed the deadline.
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    so like i said, it was only to give that person a quick review. i myself have more important things to worry about, like graduating in two weeks, finishing up a 60 page thesis, and several other 10 page papers..while also keeping up a good grade on really tough stats..and waiting to hear back from all these nursing schools...its a lot to do and i am very stressed...
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    WOW, a person like you who attends an ivy league institution was going to attend our community college...we would have been honored !..Oh well , our loss
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    ive learned more at Bergen than at that school. I would have been honored to attend bergen

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