Bergen CC evening nursing 2013 - page 6

Just wondering if there is anyone on here applying?? I took my HESI today and my cumulative score was 87%. I pray that is high enough to get me accepted. Just have to wait till the end of November to find out. I would love to... Read More

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    I'm checking like crazy too!!! Good luck all!!

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    I have a feeling it's going to be a couple days before we find out, if it is even this week! My stomach is in knots, I just want to know! lol
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    I have that same feeling too. I looked at the previous threads from other BCC nursing students and they said it usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks from the last day of testing to find out. I was hoping that since the deadline was extended 2 times they would get the results out to us quicker.... Wishful thinking I'm sure. Lol
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    I noticed that too and I was hoping the same thing!! lol
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    I just checked webadvisor and it says ADMITTED!!!!!!!!!!
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    Congrats! I just checked my phone and noticed an email from the department. I'm in too!

    Guess I'll probably be seeing you in January!
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    Yes you will!!!! Now the real fun begins!! lol
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    Yay!!!! Im in too!!!!! Congrats guys!!!
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    Congratulations everyone!!! I'm in too!!
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    has anyone registered yet? I just did for all 601 sections.

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