Bergen CC evening nursing 2013 - page 5

Just wondering if there is anyone on here applying?? I took my HESI today and my cumulative score was 87%. I pray that is high enough to get me accepted. Just have to wait till the end of November... Read More

  1. by   Lulu.R
    I have that same feeling too. I looked at the previous threads from other BCC nursing students and they said it usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks from the last day of testing to find out. I was hoping that since the deadline was extended 2 times they would get the results out to us quicker.... Wishful thinking I'm sure. Lol
  2. by   A_Rose83
    I noticed that too and I was hoping the same thing!! lol
  3. by   A_Rose83
    I just checked webadvisor and it says ADMITTED!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   MrMan
    Congrats! I just checked my phone and noticed an email from the department. I'm in too!

    Guess I'll probably be seeing you in January!
  5. by   A_Rose83
    Yes you will!!!! Now the real fun begins!! lol
  6. by   Lilysmama
    Yay!!!! Im in too!!!!! Congrats guys!!!
  7. by   Lulu.R
    Congratulations everyone!!! I'm in too!!
  8. by   A_Rose83
    has anyone registered yet? I just did for all 601 sections.
  9. by   jhun81
    Congratulations for everyone who got in!!! I hope I get in next semester at fall. Does anyone know if I can take the prerequisites (bio 109, chm 100) this spring, take the next HESI and apply for fall? A staff said it was ok but I'm having doubts... I just registered those classes for spring...
  10. by   Lulu.R
    Yes, you can apply to the program if you are currently enrolled in the classes you need. If you are accepted to the program you need to pass those classes with a "C" or better or you will not be able to proceed with your admission. You also have to have your algebra classes either complete or currently enrolled in as well (unless of course you are exempt from them).
  11. by   MrMan
    Nov 29 by [COLOR=#003366]A_Rose83
    has anyone registered yet? I just did for all 601 sections.

    I guess we're going to be classmates! I registered 2 days ago. Only thing left to do is hand in the Health forms and pay off the classes.
  12. by   jhun81
    Thank you so much for the info!!!
  13. by   berttravels
    hello! does anyone know what items are in the skills kit we are supposed to order? i already have a medical grade stethoscope and sphygmometer and would prefer not to spend the $125 if i don't need to.