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  1. Hi I will soon be relocating to the Bedminster area. I have never been to New Jersey before this, so I am totally unfamiliar with the area. I currently work as a medsurg nurse in a very busy unit and have less than a year in experience.

    1) Does anyone have suggestions for where I should apply for a RN position or places I should try to avoid. I am flexible and am interested in a hospital, clinic, doctor's office or school nurse position.

    2) I will have worked about 6 months as a RN before we move. Since I have less than a year in experience should I try to stay in my current state for a little while longer or should I just move with my family and try to get a job in New Jersey?
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  3. by   scubadooII
    You can look into Morristown Memorial, or perhaps somerset medical center. There are a lot of hospitals, it just depends on how far you want to travel. Overlook, St. Barnabas..

    Where are you now? IMO, you should stay put . If you take a look at the open jobs at the above listed hospitals, they all require more experience than you have. No jobs in NJ without experience unfortunately.

    Good Luck.
  4. by   cashew1
    Thanks for your response. I'm in Texas now at a large acute hospital. I work in med/surg. I don't know what "IMO" means. Is that intermediate???

    I hope I can get my RN license transferred easily to NJ. Please don't tell me I have to take the NCLEX again!!!
  5. by   JerseyLilly

    I think "IMO" is abbreviation for "in my opinion". The poster states that you may have difficulty getting a job in a NJ hospital as hiring criteria is different in New Jersey. Perhaps, you should apply first to some New Jersey hospitals before making a move??? I wish you much success in your career!

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