Anyone work for Capital Health?

  1. I'm currently working as a cardiac nurse (telemetry/IMCU 2 years) with 6 months of cath lab experience looking to network myself into Capital Health for future employment opportunities. Since I don't know anyone personally who is employed there, I'm looking to find out who the nurse supervisor/director is for the Cardiac Cath Lab and/or Vascular lab at Capital Health. Besides a name and contact information, if any current Capital Health employees can help answer the following questions, I'd be very appreciative.

    1. Does the cardiac cath lab and vascular lab share nursing staff? At the hospital I currently work at, the cath lab team services cardiac cath's, peripheral cath's with angio and stenting, carotid angio with stenting, and primary angioplasty for AMI's. We also do pacemaker's and generator changes as well as pericardialcentisis, all in one lab.

    2. Is the current cardiac cath (located on the Mercer campus) going to be relocated to the new Hopewell Campus?

    3. When is the new Hopewell campus opening (this year?) and when will jobs begin to be posted, or is the majority of the staff going to be relocated from the Mercer campus?

    Any and all help regarding these questions is greatly appreciated!
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