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Accelerated RN program reputations: New Jersey City University and Seton Hall

  1. 0 I'm applying to New Jersey City University's accelerated RN program at the Brookdale campus and to Seton Hall's accelerated RN program at Georgian Court University. I also want to apply to Rutgers' program but I missed the deadline. Since I live out of state, I don't know what kind of reputation these schools have. Does anyone know? I know Rutgers has a good reputation but what about New Jersey City University and Seton Hall? Any help/advice is appreciated.

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    I can't speak much to the ABSN program at Seton Hall, but I have acted as an advisor to a sorority there for the last few years and I can tell you this much: the campus is very beautiful and very clean. The campus is safe, although the neighborhood nearby is a little sketchy. The school administrators have always been very supportive and are very easy to meet with to discuss any issues we may have, and the school's technology is fantastic. I thoroughly enjoy all my time spent there, and fully intend to apply to the ABSN program once I complete all my pre-requisites in 2013.

    Sorry I can't be of more help, but good luck in your application process!!
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    As she said, Seton Hall is beautiful and is a great school. I applied for the 22 month second degree BSN program. Rutgers ABSN program begins May 29, and is about 13 months long. It also has a very good reputation, and the ABSN program is on the Newark-Rutgers campus. I was accepted to this program, but personally would prefer Seton Hall over Rutgers... just waiting to hear back!