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Anyone know anything about UNH's direct-entry MSN program? I'm thinking of applying, but it seems that direct-entry is only for the clinical nurse leadership and I'm not exactly sure what I'll be qualified to do at the end of... Read More

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    Hi All,
    Sorry for the delay in replying... but yes, I'll keep you posted on how the program goes!

    As for the application process, I attended an information session in April, then we had to submit our applications by July 30th. You have to submit a Grad School application, have three letters of recommendation, and write a "Personal Statement". There were no pre-tests or anything that we had to take. In late September, I recieved a call back for an interview. I then went in and completed the interview, and finally recieved word of my acceptance in mid-October.

    My Bachelors Degree was in Business Administration from UNH. It seems like there is really a variety of backgrounds in the people they choose.

    Feel free to ask if you have any more questions!


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    Bumping this up to see if there are any other UNH DEMN students out there. I just checked my application status last night and it said that I was accepted for this January! I'm hoping there will be something in my mailbox about it tonight.
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    Congratulations Arciedee,

    Welcome to the toughest academic program you are likely to encounter. It truly is brutal. BUT, and there is a bit BUT (not butt) it is so worth it. In just over 12 months I became an RN working at a local emergency department. Life is good. The first year is going to drain you mentally, physically and emotionally. You have to just keep plugging away. I placed a piece of paper with my name and R.N. after it and stuck it on the refrigerator. When I got stressed (or my wife noticed I was stressed which was usually the case) I just looked at that piece of paper. It helped keep me focused. Things get harder as you progress - not easier. There are a couple of professors out there who are utterly fantastic and you will find out quickly who I am talking about.

    I am not trying to scare you off. But you should be aware of how demanding the program is. Our cohort (we were the second patch) lost two students through the program. Some of us went part time grad school after the NCLEX. There are three tracks at the moment (at least for our class) the AACN CNL track, Self-directed where you hook up with a prof. in your area of interest (limited in scope at UNH as there are only a few specialties represented amongst nursing professors) or the Education track (this is my focus).

    Good luck with school, congratulations once again. IT IS WORTH IT IN THE END.

    Let me know if you want any more info.

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    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I am really looking forward to this new challenge in my life. I got my letter from the nursing department yesterday followed by the official acceptance letter from the grad school today. Orientation is on the 5th of December... not sure how I'm going to wait that long! But I suppose I'll just try to enjoy the downtime.

    I think I may pursue the education track myself, however I'm keeping my options open at the moment.

    I know that they are supposed to be changing the program with my class, but as of my interview a few weeks ago they still had not finalized everything . According to the info session I attended in the spring, though, we won't be eligible to sit for the NCLEX until after the SECOND spring semester... which is kind of a bummer as I was attracted to the fact that I'd only being out of the workforce for a year. It may be a good thing, though, as the credit load per semester is also supposed to be a bit lower.

    Thanks again for replying!
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    Hi all - I am planning to apply to UNH Direct Entry program in September. I am also going to have to work part-time to be able to pay bills. Has anyone been able to survive and still work a little? I don't want to go into all this and be blind-sided once accepted. Any info about the program, how you handled it and what the experience was like would be greatly appreciated!
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    There are a couple other threads in this forum that you may find helpful (on the second link you'll need to read through to the second page where there is info on the UNH program):


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