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I just received my scores for the nln pre entrance exam. I am at NHCTC. I got a 127. I am wondering if anyone else has received scores they would like to share, or if they have any information as... Read More

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    Ok, thanks I also am talking about the test before RN school, not the test when you finish RN school to get licensed... just in case I created confusion over which test, I thought I would add this I am sorry, I thought you were already in the school.

    Take care!
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    haha thats okay- i was talking about the pre-entrance test too ... i dont know about you but the more i read posts on here, the more nervous i become about my chances of getting accepted into a school! Im an LNA right now and i already have an undergraduate degree, but im still really afraid of doing poorly on my pre-entrance exam and not getting accepted. So good luck to anyone out there that is as nervous as I am!!

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