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Can anyone tell me a little about Western nv nursing program ? Is it hard to get into ? How many programs are offered each year ? Any info will be helpful.... Read More

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    I thought the TMCC program was difficult, a rite of passage into being an RN. After graduating, i felt a whole new respect for the TMCC program. But to say stay away? Come on.

    You try and make the best out of any school you go to right? You learn and take what you need. The people that failed during my stint at TMCC needed something more, maybe failure for them was the biggest motivator to try and get it right. They get another chance.

    Any nursing program in northern nevada will lead to the same path, and that is being an RN.

    Good luck gabby.

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    I graduated from WNC in 2007, and I can tell you that I really enjoyed my instructors, and I feel I was well-prepared for the NCLEX. Our class started with 45 people, and only 2 did not go on to complete the 2nd year. All but one person passed the NCLEX on the first try. I also has people I knew taking classes at TMCC and at UNR, and from what I heard, our instructors were far more gracious about making arrangements for personal issues. I was also told by a student at UNR that the community college nursing students received far more hands-on clinical training before doing clinicals in the hospital. I highly reccommend WNC's nursing program. I wish they would offer an ADN to BSN. I'd jump right in and do it if they did.
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    These posts are really outdated. A 15 will not get you into WNC these days. Maybe you would be an alternate, but not all 15's are gonna make it in. It seems that it is more impacted than when people only needed a 12 to get in. We have to pretty much be straight A students because you might end up with a B. At least 2 A's and 2 B's for sciences. For me the TEAS test was less of a controlled score. I could only get 3 points not the full 4. Driving to Reno is not an option for me so getting good grades was the only way. A lot of people jump into the pre-req's way too quickly and are retaking the classes like crazy.
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    Just an update on WNC.... Only those with 18 or 19 points got in and one of the 18's was on the wait list. Do the math from the nursing department program and figure out for yourself how many points you have, don't listen to the advisors on everything as they are used to other programs where it is not so competitive to get in. I know of some who were accepted this year with 17 points (wait list persons) but have not heard any with lower points. If you can't get 17 points based off of GPA, Science GPA and all pre-reqs completed then don't get your hopes up for WNC right now. There is just too many people applying to slide in with 12 points as the previous years did.

    The program is a lot of work and a huge time commitment. Even after getting in you might find it is not your cup of tea. So far I love it but that doesn't mean it hasn't been totally stressful and challenging and down right overwhelming at times. WNC has a great pass rate for the NCLEX so that is something you will want to look for when selecting a school. You also want to go to a school where the grads are considered competent upon graduation or you won't get a job too easily and that might account for some of these nursing grads not getting jobs in California. Some schools are properly accredited or if they are they don't have a good reputation. Ask the professional which grads they like to work with. You might find out some interesting things about your nursing program.

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