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Just took my Hesi today, and it looks like I'll be applying for the UNLV nursing program for Spring 2011. Just wanted to see who else on allnurses will be applying with me, and have a place to put questions, comments, tips, and... Read More

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    Remember that 50% of the points comes from your HESI score. There is a greater chance to get into the program if you have a very high HESI score even you have Bs in your science classes. Finishing all the science classes, math and NURS299 before applying also brings your points up. Good luck!

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    Quote from kristina0214
    Hey Jacob, jus wanted to say that your advice helped me out a lot. Im still finishing up my pre reqs and planning to apply to UNLV. I'm kind of worried because everyone keeps telling me how competitive it is to get into the nursing program and I've been getting the min B average grades so far. how did you do if you dont mind me asking? I feel like i needa be getting all A's to get in, and its really stressing me out.
    Ideally its best to have all A's. That said when I was accepted I had(in the classes that count toward your GPA calculation): 1 C, 2 B's, 2B+'s, 1 A- and 1 class in progress(acts as an F on the points form).

    What got me in was the fact that I had passed all the "B required" classes on the first try, and got a 91 on the HESI A2.

    There are a total of 112.1 or 100.7 points possible depending on who which councilor you ask.
    Of those only 40 points are GPA.
    15 are from getting at least a B in BIO 223, BIO 224, BIO 251, NURS 299, MATH 120/124 the first time through(this is where many people lose points)
    And depending on the councilor you talk to either 57.1 or 45.7 come from the HESI.

    Many people focus way too much on GPA, when they should truly focus on passing the specific classes with B's on the first try and doing well on the HESI. It takes YEARS of work to get 4.0 in GPA, however study hard for a month in preparation for the HESI and it will actually pay off as much or better(I have an excellent PDF study guide if you PM me your email address) . That doesn't mean slack off in your classes, but don't stress too much about getting straight A's, there is plenty of stress waiting for you in the program I assure you.

    Link to the form: http://nursing.unlv.edu/pdf/bsn%20pd...heet_08-09.pdf
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    IDK if you'll check this but it's worth a shot. I'm a newbie here and can't PM but can you PM me the PDF? It would help so much, I need to take the HESI soon and hopefully get into UNLV's program this fall. Thanks so much and I hope you're doing well.
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    Jacob this website wont let me PM you but here's my email kristinakumaraku@yahoo.com The Hesi PDF file will really help me out.

    Thank you,
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    hi Jacob
    I will also be taking the HESI exam in the summer time for the entry of the nursing program. I would like to know if you can possibly help me out on what i need to study for the exam. Any good books or study guides you recommend would help out alot. Is the program diffucult?

    Thank you.

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