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UNLV Nursing Program: Nurs 299 and Hesi A2

  1. 0 Any advice for taking Nurs 299? Does anyone know any great study guides for the Hesi-A2?
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    Moved to Nevada nursing programs for more of a response.
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    Nurs 299 wasn't too difficult for me. I took it online, though I had to do a group project at school, but overall it wasn't hard-- Ended up with an A-. Just make sure you read all chapters before the quizzes (sometimes I would just skim them, to know where all the information was) and absolutely do well on the 4 case quizzes. Those are a big part of your grade. Nutrition and culture projects are easy!
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    You may want to start going over some critical style questions in order to prepare yourself for the exams, as that's the type of questions on them. They're not too hard of questions but I had no idea they would be NCLEX type questions the first exam and freaked!

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