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HI I am looking into nevada nursing schools for their BSN programs for the 2008 school year. CAn anyone tell me anything about Univ of Southern Nevada? Also, do all the schools out there require that you take... Read More

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    Quote from deefromlv
    Yes, USN is very expensive and hasn't received its national accreditation yet. As for nursing prereq's all of the programs out here require that you complete them first before being accepted into the upper division nursing major. However, many, including my school, Nevada State College, will admit you to the Prenursing major to complete your prereq's. I'm from PA, and even with the out of state tuition, Nevada schools tend to be a good deal.

    hi dee.

    i was just wondering what would be a national accreditation?
    & also if I get my bsn from this college will I be able to go on to a masters at a UC or CSU?

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