TMCC Fall 2011

  1. Does anyone have any idea when they will or if they have begun sending out the acceptance letters for the Fall? Its crazy to me that they wait so long to tell you. Makes it hard to plan!
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  3. by   Lauraa
    Last I heard It was Mid to end of July! They have so many applicants and It takes time to go thru that many apps. I wish they had the application deadline back in April, so that we would've heard something sooner than this! Good luck to you-
  4. by   reno1212
    Its killing me! Do you have any idea what the cutoff for points has been in the past. Depending on how they actually calculate the GPA (Ive heard so many conflicting things) but I think Im sitting at a 7.5 total. Hopefully thats enough to get me in!!
  5. by   Lauraa
    Another applicant has posted that last year the cut off was 6.9. The same person stated that there are 285 applicants this year. If this is true, you are looking pretty good! Are you counting total undergrad GPA or just the degree requirements? There has been some debate on which GPA is used. Everyone has heard something different.
  6. by   reno1212
    Well I have an AA degree and if I go by the entire TMCC gpa listed on my DARS report or whatever its called now ..I have a 3.87 but if I go with what it says on just the Nursing report it is a 3.78. I have A's in all my sciences...I just got a B in english 1a and whatever class I used as a transfer for my nevada const. requirement I think. HAHA And I think I got a 92 on the HESI. I have a hard time believing there are 285 applications because they had told me in December at the nursing orientation that the last several cycles EVERY qualified applicant got in. That means that the number of applicants would have to increased almost 10 fold?!?! Even with the reduction of 32 spots for the year round program. Thats crazy if its true! Ive talked to alot of people who are just giving up and going to Carrington at this point!
  7. by   Lauraa
    I am sure there are at least 100, as I was told this on the day I turned in my app. I also know that WNC had over 100 apps. I was accepted to the program in Carson back in June. (I live in Truckee, so I am hoping to drive only 30 minutes rather than an hour+)
    There are many applicants that are not qualified and are just unaware. They must of had a bunch of applicants that failed portions of the HESI, because they posted that message on the web page. I think you have a really good chance! I have never heard that they accepted everyone who was qualified? I have always heard that it is EXTREMELY competitive... I for one have a 4.0 and a 95 on the HESI and am still shaking in my boots!
    I really do hope you are right

    They are accepting 64 students out of this applicant pool half of which will begin in Spring. No year round-
    This is as of May 31-
  8. by   reno1212
    I can't imagine that you wouldn't get in with that GPA and HESI score. The nursing director I forget her name told me that people average in the 80s on the HESI. Also she was the one who told all 60 of us that EVERY Qualified applicant had gotten in on both of there last application periods. However she stressed that Lots of people apply who are NOT qualified. She attributed it to carrington opening up. I really need to start in august so I am keeping my fingers crossed on that because I can't afford to wait until January. Are you able to still get the good neighbor now that they have gotten rid of that??
  9. by   Lauraa
    According to the Admin Asst. I am still good neighbor, but my concern is with the transfer of all of the classes. I may not even be considered. I have not taken Biol 190. California doesn't require this. The prereq's do not include this class, but the degree page states otherwise? I have tried to contact the dept regarding this, but no response. So, we will see! I am lucky to have been accepted at WNC- so at least I know I am going to Nursing school. Have you read all of the neg reviews about the faculty at TMCC? What was your feeling at the orientation? I wish you the best of luck- post when you get your letter!
  10. by   reno1212
    I will do that! I have the same issue with Bio 190. They told me they don't make you go back and retake it after you've already done micro and A&P. I wouldn't worry about that....I imagine they just adjust it somehow.
    I have heard very conflicting things about the faculty as well .....I spoke with someone who just graduated and she said that there was one really bad instructor that everyone struggled with but she is no longer teaching or teaching in a different capacity now so she thought that would make a big difference. I also have friends at carrington who have said they have great instructors and that they have taken some of tmccs and unrs best teachers. Tmcc still has the best rep in the hospitals from what I hear though.
  11. by   Lauraa
    You will be paying for Carrington for years after you graduate! I would steer clear- Your grades are definetly good enough to get into WNC and for 50 grand less! The instructors at WNC seem so genuine and cool, but spending an extra hour a day driving can really cut into my time.(I have kids) I hope we find out soon! As far as hiring goes I have heard hospitals prefer TMCC, especially over Carrington. It is very political-
  12. by   reno1212
    I have kids too and I would have to repeat chemistry for WNC because I took it so long ago!!
    Carrington is definitely my last choice but at this point I have to way out time til I can work and if I'm out 8 Months sooner than it probably works out the same in the end. I can't really work at the moment while going to school because of my kids so that's my dilemma. If I get into TMCC dilemma solved! If not, then I have to re-evaluate! Fingers crossed!!
  13. by   Lauraa
    I hear you! I can't imagine that 32 people have better grades/scores than you in this applicant pool- If all goes well with the transfering of classes, we should be classmates and we can relate with the Mom/Student woes! I will keep my fingers crossed for us both!
  14. by   reno1212
    How long have youbeen in Truckee?? I probably know you I used to live up there.