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Hello everybody! I have finished my prerequisites at La Guardia Community College with a GPA of 3.95 and applied for the nursing program with eventual start at fall 2010. Very prob I will get into the nursing program. Since... Read More

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    Hi guys for those who are currently attending Laguardia Community college.. can you please PM the professor you've gotten for Anatomy II or SCB 204... thanks.

    Look forward to all your replies...

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    more and more new grads are finding it hard to find a job due to the climate of nursing..medicaid rembursements are low.Hospitals are closing,hospital and nursing homes are doing more with less staff members,staffing in these faciliites are more agency staff than anything. less nurses are retiring or are delaying retirement due to the financial situations of today..still yet all and all you hear that there is a nursing "shortage"..go to school and become a nurse.
    its not all that easy to get into the cuny nursing programs these days..very competitive ..
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    I just spoke to a doctor yesterday. I went for my physical. SHe told me after I am done to come to her b/c they are always hiring for LPN's and RN's. She asked if I knew anyone who's a newly grad and needs a job in nursing. I told her that all my friends that grad all got a job. She said well if you know anyone to send her way. SHe's in touch with many agencies and they're looking for nurses. She also told me there's a shortage. I don't think its that hard to find a job in nursing....

    Are currenly enrolled in any nursing programs or finished the nursing program?
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    i am not a nursing school but i was wondering does Laguardia community require the student to take the PAX RN test
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    you do not need PAX RN test for admission

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