Reno Nurses, I need some help! (New Grad)

  1. I recently moved back to my hometown of Reno after being in Oklahoma for the past 3 years. I moved there with my husband while he went to law school and I went to nursing school. Well, we are back now and I have not had a single callback on any job I have applied for. I have a BSN and am hoping to take boards ASAP (the BON is still waiting on my school to send my transcripts). I have been applying to hospitals out here since January.

    Do any of you work on a unit that is looking to hire a new grad?? I would love to send my resume and cover letter! My biggest interest is critical care (did my 100 hour leadership rotation in ER), but I am open to anything besides psych (only because I want to gain experience with IVs and meds and procedures).

    I am willing to drive far for work and have applied to hospitals in Fernley, Fallon, and even Elko. I have worked in a hospital as a Student Nurse Tech for the past year and am a hard worker! Please let me know if you have heard of any potential openings!
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  3. by   gnursjr2
    It's tough out there for new grads. I moved to Reno 2 years ago d/t I could not get a job as a new grad anywhere in CA. So I was offered a job at the Psych Hospital there in Reno, worked there for a year, moved back to CA. I am now a traveler. It's hard to get your first job. I know what you mean about not doing psych as a new grad, because you are kind of locked into that. I had to sacrifice a lot as a new grad, move to a strange town, state, leave my home etc., but I had to work. Good luck!