online rn to bsn in las vegas

  1. Just wondering if anyone knew of any programs for the las vegas area. From cheapest to most expensive.
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  3. by   delleh
    There aren't any cheap online programs here (in Vegas) that I have found. University of Phoenix and Touro are insanely expensive. University of Wyoming has an all online RN to BSN program that is pretty reasonable. It doesn't require any time on campus. I think I'll be looking into that one a bit more whe the time is right.
  4. by   geocachingRN
    So at first $3250 per six months may sound expensive but consider that fee covers all the classes you can take in 6 months. They claim they are half the cost of other online programs and it's a non-profit school with a good rep, though I don't know anything about nursing graduates.

    Here's what the fee covers:

    • All coursework attempted and completed, as well as learning resources, excluding textbooks, which are scheduled in the student’s personalized Academic Action Plan (AAP).
    • All assessments (subject to guidelines for individual assessments and the number of "re-takes" allowed).
    • An in-depth introduction to distance and competency-based learning: WGU’s introductory assessment called Education Without Boundaries (EWB).
    • Ongoing advising from a dedicated mentor.

    Online Nursing Degree | Online Degree Program | WGU College of Health Online
  5. by   geocachingRN
    University of Phoenix is expense, but their per unit fee does include books, which actually makes them competitive with my brick-and-mortar program.
  6. by   delleh
    I'm just now applying to the ADN program here, so its a ways off for me to be looking at bridging to BSN. I have been looking around a little bit when I have some extra time on my hands. University of Wyoming is $183 per credit, which is hard to beat- and Texas Tech University has a program that's about $7200 for 2 semesters (completed in 2 semesters), but you have to travel there once for orientation. No idea on the cost of books because I really haven't looked that far into it.