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LPN program at CSN Nevada

  1. 0 Anyone apply? Deadline is Monday. Is it possible that they actually bring in LESS than their maximum allowed? Maybe because nobody's applying?

    I passed my TEAS V (very barely) and want to know how soon we find out anything. I guess those that are in or finished can answer that.

    Also, how many people were/are in your class. The number that started the program vs the number as of now.
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    Nobody here is applying to the LPN program at CSN Nevada Fall 2013? I couldn't be and HOPE that I'm not the only one. I'd really like to have to possibility of an accelerated program. With all but the three PN courses done, it'll be quite the long first two semesters if I couldn't at least try the fast track.. Chime in please.
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    I did apply. I also called the office because I wanted to know if there will be a Fast Track this May. But I guess, not enough applicants, so we are all starting in Fall (bummer)!
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    It will take 60 days (from the deadline date) to hear the results, per Ms. D. Britt. That means, we all start in Fall. It sucks because, I think just like you, I am done with all the Gen.Eds. So, in Fall, I will only have 1 class to take. In Spring of 2014, I will only have 2 classes to take....grrrr!
    Message me if you want to share more info's
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    I was hoping for a fast track program. You and I can take those classes this summer together! C'mon, CSN. Please let us do the Fast Track, pleeeeeeeeeeease?
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    Even 60 days gives enough time to get in the Fast Track (Summer registration). Cross the fingers...
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    Any news?
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    I got my acceptance letter yesterday! I guess theres not enough studens for fast track Goodluck to you
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    Thanks. I need the luck. I really was hoping for their Fast Track option.
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    I got my letter of acceptance as well. The only thing I can recommend for us is to take the science sequence to prepare for the LPN-RN bridge! PN 100L & BIOL 189 sounds like a good schedule. Myself I will be in A&P II, Micro & PN 100L. SInce PN is a one-unit class I think I can handle it.
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    Congratulations! I guess there's not enough applicants to do the Fast Track program What are those science sequence you're talking about? I actually saw Ms. B. Kraus, I was so excited, I gave her a BIG hug! I am now looking for CNA work/experience, It will be good to see that in my resume once we're done with LPN, any recommendations BTW, I might have to do the BIO 189 too, since it's way over 7 years maybe we can take classes together
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    There's no fast track but we're still in! The classes are BIOL 189, 223, 224 & 251. General biology, A&P 1&2, Micro. After 189 this Fall, you could take A&P 1 with Micro in the spring. Even still, you'd be looking at another semester to take A&P 2.

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