HELLLPP! CSN Orientation and professor questions! - page 3

Hey guys! So today was the orientation for CSN Fall 2009 nursing. Sigh. I left feeling scared and a little sad to be honest. First of all I was told by a few people including a professor that I should not take a certain... Read More

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    my email address is in my profile... they won't let you post it

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    im the 530 to 700 class... are you taking that toolbox class also?
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    no. not right now. Next week. i was in a conflicting class this week. How was it? did you have to wear your uniform? It is mon/wed or tues/thurs right? Or is it 4 nights per week? it was pretty basic math right?
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    What side of town do you live on? I live on the henderson side, accessable from the 95 and the 215, either way you come from...
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    it only a couple days of math and they also teach you how to do care plans properly... it's designed to help you be more prepared when school starts

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