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    Hello New CSN student here hoping to get some advice from you nursing students! My goal is to get into the RN program by Fall 2010. I'm getting a late start on my education at 28 years old.. I've been out of school for 8 or 9 years.

    I just signed up for 2 classes, math 100B, Eng 98 and was wondering how many classes it would be wise to take the first semester? One girl told me to get into Biol 189 right away because there are a lot of biology classes to take. I understand there is a lecture and a lab for bio 189, so are those two listed separately when registering online? What if I only see biology 189 lecture and no lab? Can I pick one without the other? Also, can I take (for example) BIO 224 and 251 at the same time? I'm so confused I don't know who to ask all my questions to.

    Is it really weird that I am excited to start school and learn new things? I cannot wait to be a nurse one day.

    Heidi is my cat btw

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    I went back at 29 after 12 years of no school, its not as bad as it seems!! They are partially right about the biology, you do want to get started on that... but you might want to take bio 95 first. i am a biology tutor at csn and although it seems like a waste of a semester, if there is chance that 189 will be too hard and you will drop or get a bad grade, taking 95 will set you up for success in your future science classes and end up saving you time in the long run.
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    If you are a good student Bio 189 should not be a problem. you must study 2 hours for every hour of instruction.
    You will prob not get in fall 09 unless you get really lucky on August 10 when others have been purged from the system for non-payment.

    Also, you must register for your lab prior to registering for your lecture. The system will not allow you to register the other way around. It is that way for ALL biology classes!

    As for taking the classes at the same time, of course you can! After Bio 189; you take A & P 223 lab and lecture; then by all means you should take a&p 224 and micro 251 at the same time. Many students just take those two classes.

    Do you have kids? How much are you going to work? How many commitments do you have? You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to do! This is what I did:
    Summer 08-- Hist 101, Bio 189, Math 100B
    Fall 08-- Hist 102, A&P 223, Soc 101, Psy 101, and FF101
    Spring 09-- A&P 224, Micro 251, Eng 100, ACLS Instructor

    Everyone has their own thing going on, their own time line. It is VIP to stick with your own ability and need to grow.
    Just remember to take the TEAS test early, so as not to be under pressure. It is good for 5 years but can only be repeated every 6 months. so if you plan to apply to nursing school in the fall 2010-- the dead line for it is generally around March 1st of that year; so take the teas test at least one year before the deadline in case you need a 2nd try.
    I hope this is enough info for you.
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    ^That was really helpful.. Thank you!!

    I do have a few more questions though if you'd be so kind to oblige..
    I thought the purge was Aug. 6th? I keep hearing different dates. I wonder if I should try to take bio 189 at another school and then transfer it over? I'd really like to get it done my 1st semester as I am not getting any younger. lol
    I don't think I'll be able to make it in time to apply for Fall 2010 track since I'll still only be in my 2nd semester.
    Do you think I can make it in time for spring 2011? Here's my plan for my first 3 semesters.

    Fall '09-- eng 98, bio 189, soc 101
    Spring '10-- bio 223, eng 101, psy 101, psc 101 (US & NV constitution)
    Summer '10-- math 100B, com 101, bio 224, bio 251

    Then I could make it to apply by sep. 1st, 2010 for the Spring '11 track, correct? Am I missing anything?
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    Oh, forgot to add, no kids! I have a lot of free time and I only work about 12 hours a week.

    Regarding the TEAS, is it possible to get a book like this (http://www.amazon.com/Essential-Acad.../dp/1933107006) and start studying now? I am sooo bored with no work to do.
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    I sent you a really long private msg. Check your inbox.
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    Awesome! I can't reply to you in a pm though..

    Your layout made much more sense. I wasn't able to get the two classes you mentioned because they were booked, but I did get bio 189 at csn, someone dropped it.

    Anyway, thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it.
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    Any time. When are you taking the TEAS test? You probably will not be able to book until October-- because everyone else testing for spring semester cut off-- but you should go ahead and do it now. Take a practice run at it. Without all the pressure of HAVING to pass, you will probably pass just fine. Look into the rocks from earth science, Igneous, Sedimentary, Volcanic-- there are a couple of those questions on it too. Basic High School equiv exam really. What other two classes were full? Psy and Soc? You can get either of those teachers to sign you in easily. They are super cool. Math 100B? Some of the math teachers are awesome. Just remember to apply every semester after you have all the required classes done no matter how many points you have, do not listen to what other people say and you will go far.
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    Bio 189 was the hardest one to get into!! Congratulations!! Who did you get for an instructor? That does matter according to your learning style. Let me know. Also you should add the soc and psy 101 classes to your eng and math 100B if you can. All of those classes are easy, if you get the right instructors. Some of them are slave drivers and assign massive amounts of work which then makes them-- not so easy of classes!! Bio 189 you must pay attention to and spend as much time as you can studying. At least 2 hours for every hour of lab AND lecture so plan accordingly. Yes, a B is good enough but you use it continually through A & P 223, 224, and even Micro 251; so the better you know it now the better grades you will get without stress the rest of the year. I will try to add you as a friend so you will get a friend request soon if I know what I am doing. If not, maybe tomorrow. lol!
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    I am 27 and just going back to school also. I have already taken SOC during summer and this fall I will take ENG 101, PSY 101, Math 100b, and BIOL 095. I have zero biology or science background as anything I learned in high school is now a distant blur, so I decided to take the basic biology class. I was planning on trying to take some of the Bio classes at NSC, to get them done sooner, has anyone else looked into that? I'm not too sure how it works. I always thought 224 was a pre-req for 251.

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