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Hello :D New CSN student here hoping to get some advice from you nursing students! My goal is to get into the RN program by Fall 2010. I'm getting a late start on my education at 28 years old.. I've... Read More

  1. by   Tree5981
    Definitely take Biol 189 asap because you need 4 biologies total. Especially if you work full time you won't be able to take two biologies at once. I took all my other pre-reqs online or in the summer and short term classes. Such as Math 100B, Soc 101, and Political science. That way i could work and take two classes at once. It saved more time. The only thing i had left was all the biology classes. It took 2 years for me to do it because i had to take only one at a time. So its good to take it as soon as you can.
  2. by   bluebirdlx
    I knew that not getting into 189 this fall would set me back, but I didn't even apply to CSN until May 09 so I'm not sure I would have even been able to find an open class. I plan to take 189 in the spring along with Psc and Com. Do you guys know if they offer any classes for winter break? If so I'd try to take Com then. I'm not sure how I'll work out the last three classes yet. I don't mind doubling up at CSN and NSC if I can.

    Thats a great tip about the recorder and flash cards. I already take notes in different colors, it does really help. I'm not sure if I'm crazy trying to take all of these classes. I work 36 hours a week but my schedule isn't bad. I work weekends and two weeknights. It leaves me pretty open for time to study.

    I bought the study guide for the TEAS test, I haven't really cracked it open yet though. I do want to take it soon so I can leave enough time for a re-take if needed.
  3. by   tmgsn
    I am not sure that speech is a required class. Focus on the required classes first. when they are done, you can start applying. There is no cost to apply. That is one of the only free things I have found so far in the program. You wont need the book for the TEAS test. Return it for your money back. You need to take the test to see what subject, if any, you have a weakness in and then focus on that subject.
    Above all, realize it is very competitive. Do not let other people discourage you with their GPA, done classes, or scores. They are usually the ones who do not pass the TEAS! lol. Get your self a group of study friends and compare notes.
    I started the pre-reqs in summer 08 with the a group of people I did not know; I made good friends along the way-- but I was the only one who applied to the program so I was the only one who got in! It made me sad & I am starting out on my own again. I miss them already. I am hopefull that they will be in the class right behind me and I will see them in passing regularly. Study partners are so important in an extremely competitive group of women with only a very few men. They keep you sane, on track, focused, and help you to laugh at yourself when you become to serious.
  4. by   rwbglock23
    Quote from mia70
    wow! 100%! That is so hot! Will you help me too when I take 196???? PLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEE????!!!!
    :chuckle That is too funny. I will gladly help you with 196, but what are you taking it for? The only reason I took it was because I was considering going to medical school when I first started back.

    Did you take the nursing toolbox class? If so what time did you have it?
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  5. by   tmgsn
    For the same reason of course. And, it does not hurt to have that extra knowledge even if I do not go to medical school. I cannot go until my kids finish high school.
    Nooooo I did not take the toolbox class. No time. I would have. Maybe.
    I have no prob with math, just math word problems. I can look at a vial and draw up the right dosage for the weight of a pt without thinking about it for more than a few seconds. I LOVE algebra. I hate word problems.
    Did you take the toolbox class? Anything I should know?
  6. by   rwbglock23
    Yes, I went. I think the math was really helpful, however if you are good at math I am sure you would have found it very easy. They were ALL word problems though...I must warn you! I haven't taken the required math since 2000, so it had been a while for me. We did go over how to write a nursing diagnosis, goals, interventions, and evaluations. Basically all the stuff you need to know to write a care plan, but broken down into pieces. Plus tips for Nurs 101 on how to prepare and what to expect...

    I think it was worth it, but I wasn't doing anything better so...

    What block did you get for this semester? Are you full or part time?
  7. by   massagechick
    The 15 min speech at the begining of class on friday was worth the $100 by itself!!
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  8. by   tmgsn
    Word problems like, how much Lisinopril would you give mr. smith if the tablets came in 10mg tablets and his doctor ordered 20mg po bid? (2 tab twice a day by mouth)
    Did you take notes on the rest of the stuff? record any of it you would just love to share with me? I am a crazy person-- I am full time. I took Pharmacology online and I have Monday clinical from 12:45-6:45pm and Wed & Thurs 8-10:50 am lecture and lab classes. I cannot remember what # block it was because I did not realize we had to choose a block number and I was not very organized when my lottery # was called. I still have it, but it is upstairs and I am too tired to go get it. I already trained for 2 hours today. How about you? Full/part time?
    I took an excellerated CNA course this summer just trying to get on in a hospital sooner rather than later- no luck so far. I guess now I am THE toolbox for missing the toolbox class...
  9. by   rwbglock23
    :chuckle That is too funny! Well, I have all of the handouts which she kinda substituted for making us take notes. I didn't record anything because frankly she didn't explain the math to us very well at all, and the care plan stuff was actually fairly easy. Math problems got a little more complicated than that and we had to show all the work.

    For example: Order: 125 mg IM weekly. Child's height and weight: 82 in., 105 lb. Child's drug dosage: 30-50 mg/m2/week Available: 10 mg/ml or 100 mg/ml. (a) What is the child's m2? (b) Is the dose ordered within safe parameters? (c) Which concentration would you choose? (d) How many ml will the child receive per dose as ordered? OR Infuse dobutamine 250 mg in 500 ml D5W at 10 mcg/kg/min. The patient weighs 143 lb. The concentration of the solution in 500 mcg/ml. How many mcg will be infused per minute? Per hour? How many ml per minute? Per hour?

    Anyhow, they aren't really that difficult to do when you apply the rules of dimensional analysis and cross multiply correctly. I would be more than happy to share copies of all the stuff with you if you would like. I am full time also, my classes are Tues - Thurs. Tues 12 - 2:50 Lecture, Wed 8 - 10? Pharm, and 11 - 1:50 Lab, Thur 6:45a - 12:45 Clinical. I guess we won't be having any classes together but I will be spending all day at school from Tues - Thurs at minimum anyway. Otherwise I will come home and procrastinate!

    I am furtunate to have had a TON of experience in health care. I have been an EMT since I was 20, and I worked and volunteered as an EMT for 6 years in New Jersey. I worked in the ER for about 6 months too and the nurses I worked with let me do everything, so I have done every invasive procedure nurses are allowed to do many times already. I have worked as a medical assistant for about 3 years here in NV too. I currently work as a firearms instructor out near Pahrump though, so it is quite the opposite teaching!! Sorry to hear about your CNA class, did that cost a bunch of money? I noticed you had to buy a different uniform for that class, or is it the medical assistant class that has a different uniform?? Anyhow, we will have to meet on Thurs during the ATI review somehow and I will try and bring that information for you to copy if you are interested.
  10. by   tmgsn
    Our history is not so different. I too am en EMT-P, I was a CNA more than 5 years ago before I was an EMT. With the economy the way it is, I figured that I could get a job in the hospital as a CNA for lower pay than an ER tech but maybe not... I cannot start until my prints come back from the FBI because in NV if you have worked as an NAT (nurse assistant in training) you can only do it once in a lifetime- to which I did not know.
    I thought I was going to hate the CNA clinical rotation- but I was so wrong! I loved it. I miss taking care of people (I did not work while doing my RN pre-reqs) to the point that I did not care that I was "back stepping" (my previous license expired as my emt-p training did not count for ceu's) in my medical training. You know that people in LTC centers need the care the most so I took advantage of the fact that there was so many of us and spent alot of time doing extra care on each of my patients. It is so weird, as an emt you have so little time to form attachment to anyone, but it seems to be the opposite in nursing.
    The CNA uniform is almost the same, white top with navy blue bottom. I am glad I am on the full time track though because the uniform is so HOT in the summer! You 'notice' a lot...
    Yes, the math problems do seem a bit more difficult. I would have to do the math on that, or have the medicine in my hand to figure it out. I guess that makes me a kinsnetic (sp) learner! lol!
    You will still be at school on the same days as I will be except for Tuesdays. I do the same thing, stay at the school to study cuz once I go home, I am done too. I have also found an alternative pharmacology class to sit in just in case the online class is not enough ya know? I took it online because there are many times things progress so slowly I am nearly sleeping.--or I am stressed about another subject and studying that instead! One is on Tues afternoon & the other on Wed eve.
    You were brave to sign up for the 6:45am clinical or you live right next to the school. Which one is it?
    Did you get your 'book bundle' yet? I did. It has a lot of books in it.
    So that makes you about 31 now? Maybe? Am I close? I have no idea, just guessing from your history. Yes, I would really appreciate meeting up with you at the ATI review to get copies of the information. That would be super great! Tell me what color of shirt you are going to wear, and I will figure out who you are without any other information.... emt's have a certain kind of walk... lol... it lasts a lifetime even after you are not in the field. well, as long as you have not gained 150 lbs that is.... that would alter it a bit.
  11. by   rwbglock23
    I sent you a PM in reply to your last post mia70.
  12. by   tmgsn
    okkk. sorry. I did not realize the rules... sorry.