Carrington College Reno?

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    Has anyone gone to this program recently? I'm keeping an open mind and gathering all relevant and recent facts, since it's part of DeVry, a reputable institution. Thank you!

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    Hi Heartbeep!
    I'm planning on attending Carrington College RN program this upcoming August, and I've also been trying to find out more information. I contacted the Nevada Board of Nursing and they sent me the NCLEX pass rates. So far, the Reno location has only graduated their first class of 19, which all passed with 100%. I've been trying to hunt down some of the students to hear about their experience but no luck.
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    Thank you Jillane, hope it works out for you, seems like a great school so far.
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    i need some advice about carrington as well. i applied to wnc's nursing program and got put on the wait list, because i am not a resident and i only got a 76 on my teas; i have a 4.0. i am 7 classes away from unr, which means i will have to wait another year to apply. do carrington credits transfer if i want to bridge to my bsn? do you know my cut off date to get in to carrington is? i am 12th on the wait list.....

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    Hi Linz_Taylor!

    I attended the information session and I harassed them with a ton of questions! I was worried whether or not my credits will transfer INTO the program, and AFTER the program when I want to get my BS. Since they're a private school, you would have to take the RN to BSN route with a private school under the same as Carrington which I think is DeVry. But the great part is you can transfer prerequisites into the program, and would only have to take the classes you haven't taken. For example

    semester 1: a&p, math, english, psych

    (i've taken everything but communications in semester 2, so they would move that class up to sem1 & i'd only have to take that one class)

    semester 2: communications, sociology, a&p2, micro, nevada history (i haven't taken nevada history so i'd only take that one for sem2)

    semester 3: nursingfund, pharm, medsurg.

    The cut off date is July 22, and they will send out the letters July 29
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    Hi guys, I attend Carrington,Reno and I'm in semester 5 of 6. I just want to give you a little heads up on what you're going into. The program is tough. Sure you have easy classes such as communications, sociology, etc but the bulk of the course is very time consuming so be ready. On the flip side, Carrington stole all the best nursing instructors from WNC, UNR, and TMCC. I really can't emphasize enough how important the instruction is once you get to the core nursing classes. The instructors give you their cell numbers, and I've called many times on the weekend to spend 45 mins with my clinical instructor going over care plan details. You'll always hear bad things, and I've read most on google, but isn't that the case anywhere? I have friends who went through TMCC and berated an instructor via facebook. It's important to get a clear idea of what you expect so go over this with ---- at your interview, talk with other students (especially the higher grades), and then pace yourself. Nursing school is not a sprint to the finish, it's more a distance race so don't burn out early. I'm not doing this for Carrington, I'm doing this because I want you to have as good an experience as I've had. There is another online school you can get credit for and enroll in for the associates degree to BSN and you can take this all the way to a masters program. It's up to you how far you go, I can only encourage that you have fun doing it. BTW, I encourage you speak to higher grades because they have a more complete picture of the program, not just the science and liberal arts classes. Being able to pull these classes together in how they relate to nursing is very important. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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    Hello everybody, I am new to this forum. I just applied to the Carrington nursing program this afternoon. I only received a 91.3% on the hesi last wk and am signed up to take the hesi again this coming Saturday. I am debating as to whether I should take it again or not???? please let me know if you have any info on what the scores have been for the last couple semesters. thanks a million!
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    Hi! We took the HESI together both times I spoke to you yesterday after the first section and the last section. I don't know about you, but dude, I'm freaking out waiting for the results. How are you holding up?

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    Hi Jasmine. You're the one that received a 96% over all on Saturday? Right? If that's the case I would not worry! you'll get in no problem! I am freaking out a little.... I'm just glad we only have 2 more wks to find out. I think it's just going to be the luck of the draw whether I get in or not... maybe the .3 will put me over the competition!

    Good luck!
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    Yup, that was me! I hate the waiting around part, it's really kind of agonizing. I hope you get in! I enjoyed talking to you, it would be cool to be in class together!

    Good luck to you too lady!

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