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Has anyone gone to this program recently? I'm keeping an open mind and gathering all relevant and recent facts, since it's part of DeVry, a reputable institution. Thank you!... Read More

  1. by   jhinchman
    hi Stacy,
    I called the school and they told me because of Good Friday they are not sending out letters until this Monday! I'm seriously starting to freak out. Everything went pretty well for me, but honestly I'm worried that my score is not going to be good enough. I was initially pretty happy about it, but I don't know...something about having to wait it out this long is making me a bit nervous. I haven't talked to anyone about transferring of credits, but I don't think that would apply to me anyway because I got my masters degree in music. :P This is all seriously new to me! Anyway, I hope everyone's holding up ok! Can't wait to hear the news!

  2. by   MudderInTraining
    Reno4Real- I was told by Carrington staff that the ultimate determinant for admission is your HESI score. I can only imagine that they would request that a potential applicant not apply if they had sincere concerns about his/her ability to complete the program...perhaps in the form of financial difficulties, lack of family/social support or an overall unrealistic expectation as to what the program entails.

    Jasmine- I am super bummed the letters aren't going out until Monday! This suspense is KILLER! I was so hoping to have an answer in the mail today...oh well, I guess three more days aren't much in the grand scheme of things.

    Happy Easter to you both...and I hope Tuesday brings us all WONDERFUL news!

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  3. by   melissa5
    Stacy, So glad you found out they didn't mail the letters. At least now we know we just have to wait a little longer. I am in the same boat as Jess with a 91.3%. The day I took my test, the class average was 65%. I am hoping to squeak in if someone else doesn't accept. Do they send rejection letters too? Good luck to all of you. Melissa :-)
  4. by   MudderInTraining looks like we are in for a long week guys . I called Carrington to see if letters would be mailed today and was advised that nothing will be sent out until Friday, as there is a "very large applicant pool" that they are still sorting through. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being terribly dissapointed. It leaves so little time between program acceptance (God willing) and start date...I was hoping to have more than a couple weeks to make arrangements with my employer and explore different funding options. I guess there's not much we can do other than keep trudging along!

    In an attempt to be optimistic...once our acceptance letters make it to us, is anyone interested in meeting up for coffee or cocktails in celebration? It'd be super nice if there were a few familiar faces come the first day of school!

    Fingers Crossed for us all!

  5. by   jhinchman
    Stacy,To continue the optimism I say yes to the cocktails upon receiving letters of acceptance!!! Im beyond anxious now!
  6. by   melissa5
    Anyone hear anything today?
  7. by   shoeinperu
    My sister (91%) called and was not accepted. I'm a third semester student currently. Got a 94 way back in October when I applied
  8. by   melissa5
    I am sorry for your sister, I am already planning on taking the test for a second time next go 'round. Hopefully she is too!
  9. by   MudderInTraining
    I got my acceptance letter this afternoon!!! I am so incredibly excited!

    I am rather surprised that a 91% didn't make the cut this girls MUST be so close! I'll cross my fingers that there will be some students who decline admission so you can wiggle on in!

    Jasmine, when are we going for those drinks?
    ...and who else wants to join us?

  10. by   melissa5
    Congratulations Stacy! You must be over the moon, I know I would have been. I was more disappointed than I thought I would be, though it was the nicest rejection letter i have ever received. I always looked at this first test as practice, but then became hopeful that I may get in. Still hoping not everyone will accept, and that I am not too far down the list. I hope you you will keep us posted with what comes next, financial aid meetings and all. Jasmine, if you didn't receiveyour letter yet, mine took two days. Just a thought, my letter was dated 4/6, don't know what the wait was really for. Can't wait to hear about your experience, really happy for you both!
  11. by   MudderInTraining
    Thanks, Melissa! I will happily keep you up-to-date on the post-admission process (that way you'll know what to expect when you get admitted to Fall term, right!)It looks like everyone who was accepted must confirm their spot by Tuesday, and then pre-instruction orientation happens May 3rd...I feel like I am scrambling, getting my letter later than originally anticipated AND over the weekend. I am so antsy to know more and can't wait to call Monday to get additional info from the admissions office!
  12. by   jhinchman
    congratulations stacy!!! I also got an acceptance letter, I'm sooo psyched! I have to work tonight (sunday) and tomorrow night, but we should definitely get together sometime this week!

  13. by   melissa5
    Hi you two, How are things going? Have you had your financial meeting yet? The one thing I was really wondering is how you spread out the repayment. I thought I had read you spread it over 3 years, as opposed to the two years you are in school