BCAT exam for critical care nurses - page 2

I am a traveler with Starmed. Looking to accept an assignment in Las Vegas at Sunrise. Interviewer tells me they give the BCAT exam to their critical care nurses. Would like info if any available.... Read More

  1. by   eking
    I am a traveler with All About Staffing, and I too am accepted to work at Sunrise Hospital in Nevada, to start Oct. 12th. Will I see you there? I assume the BKAT test will be similar to the CCRN, and so I am reviewing that material to study.
  2. by   Ievincent
    I also just found out I have to take this test for a travel assignment and would like to find out if I could obtain study material. I was told recently that most travel assignments require this test to be taken for critical care the first day of orientation and it is pass or fail, if failed you are released from the contract. I have never heard of this and have been traveling for a few years now. Is this new? Thanks