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  1. hi everyone!

    i got accepted to touro nevada today and wanted to know if any students/anyone knew any specifics about the program? i.e. class/clinical scheduling, academic work load, curriculum, and is as ridiculously as complicated/difficult as the faculty made it seem during my interview...i have said before that they made it seem way too tough or either really good, i am still not sure which one to go with! i am excited though and interested in any information, which anybody can pass on! i was told about this specific camp thing that they are doing right before the july start, what is that all about? i still have not been told too much info about it from the college.

    well thanks for your insights!
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  3. by   KK4YOU
    hi i am trying to get some information on touro university nevada bsn program. i am planning on attending in november 2010. i am moving from california and trying to get as much info as possible from students that are attending there or have in the past. any advice would be great such as did you like the program, do you recommend it? also are there exams once a week whats the schedule like? also did student loans cover it or do you need to take out a private loan? any information would be wonderful!! thank you so much!!
  4. by   JackieJane
    Hi KK4YOU,
    I was wondering if you found out any information about your post. I know that no one has commented yet but maybe you got information elsewhere. Im also trying to attend Nov2010 for the BSN program and would love to hear anything you've encountered, including application processes as well as program info.

    Please let me know!
  5. by   KK4YOU
    [font=book antiqua]hi jackiejane,
    [font=book antiqua]
    [font=book antiqua]no i have not heard anything yet. still waiting to hear. have you heard anything by chance? as soon as i get some information i will let you know. take care, you never know we might be starting together.
  6. by   JackieJane
    Well the only things I've heard are probably the same things you've heard. $32000 for the progrom, pre-req's, app deadline is June 30th. But what I really want to know is how competitive it is to get into and how long it takes after the app deadline to get accepted or denied.

    I'm planning on moving out from Cali as well. It's just way too expensive and competitive out here, you know?

    Actually one thing i've heard that might make you feel good is that last week i emailed about a chem pre-req and they accepted it and asked if I was applying for the March class...sent me all the things I needed to apply even though it's WAY past the deadline. So I'm assuming they are in need of students, hopefully!

    I'll let you know if I hear anything as well. Have you applied yet?
  7. by   KK4YOU
    [font=book antiqua]hi jackiejane,
    [font=book antiqua]
    [font=book antiqua]okay so this is what the school told me, as long as you pass the teas exam with at least 60% on all sections and have a's and b's in anatomy, physiology, and microbiology you will most likely get in. they will let you know if you are accepted into the program by july 30th for the november 2010 start date! i would love to find out more details about the program from someone who has graduated allready. but for now it sounds great to me! i feel the same as you do, i can not wait 4 years for an associates degree in california. i would much rather pay the high tuition and move on with my life! well hopefully we will hear something soon from someone who has attended touro that can give us more info. good luck i'll let you know if i hear anything!
  8. by   JackieJane
    Now that's what I like to hear! So admissions told you that huh? That makes me confident, not that i wasn't before but with how things are out here, trying to compete with 350 other people and waiting FOREVER to get in just isn't a "good plan" to me. But I'm glad to hear that!! I'll be applying in a few months. We'll definitely stay in touch. I replied to a couple other threads so hopefully I'll get a response and I'll keep you in the loop.
    Thanks KK4YOU!
  9. by   KK4YOU
    great! i will let you know aswell if i hear anything! where in ca are you by chance? have you been to the school yet in henderson? i am applying in may, i'm scheduled to take the teas exam on february 19th! thanks for all your help jackiejane looking forward to seeing you at touro!
  10. by   JackieJane
    I live in So Cal, Chino Hills area. What about you?? I haven't been able to go to Touro yet. Have you? The only things I know about it is what I've read on reviews or on this website.. But from the sound of it it's a good school, just small.

    I'm applying in May as well. I just took the TEAS test like 2 weeks ago. It's pretty basic, except the science part was kinda tricky. They asked questions about the food chain, naming elements, rocks, genetic codes and only like 3 or 4 A&P/Micro questions. Let me try to remember some more questions so I can let you know. I literally studied the night before so you should be fine. Just brush up on your math and basic science questions.

    I wish it was November already! I want to get nursing school done with! Haha
  11. by   KK4YOU
    wow thats great, thanks for all your info on the teas! i have been so nervous about taking it, but i feel alot better now knowing its pretty basic. i live in bakersfield so not too far from you probally like 2 hours away. i went and took a tour of the school in december and met with a counselor. i just really wanted to make sure that it would be a right fit for me and that it wasnt too good to be true! but everyone was really nice, the nursing lab was really high tech with robot patients. they have a gym that you can use on campus anytime you like. the school is pretty big considering its in a huge warehouse building. its pretty easy to get lost in lol. i went and looked at housing and i was surprised how cheap housing is compared to ca! well keep me posted if you hear anything and good luck to you, it sounds like your allready in though if you passed the teas and have a's and b's in the pre-reqs!! talk to you soon!!
  12. by   JackieJane
    Hey, did you have to make an appointment to take a tour and speak to a counselor? I want to do that as well. Sounds like you were satisfied with what you saw though, that's a plus. And ya, I'm so excited that rent won't be so expensive, and the entire cost of living will be so much cheaper. That's a double plus!

    Good luck on the TEAS test. If you have any questions I'll be happy to try to help!
  13. by   KK4YOU
    hi jackiejane,

    yes i called and made an appointment with the nursing counselor. well if you happen to remember anything about the teas exam let me know. just from what you said i am going over the science and math sections, because those are not my strongest subjects lol. were you able to use a calculator by chance? some people said they were able to and
    others said no, so just wanted to see if they let you. well i better get back to looking over the teas book , talk to you soon!!
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  14. by   JackieJane
    Hey KK4YOU,
    Let's see.. for the math sections there was a lot of fractions and word questions. But nothing too elaborate. It was pretty straight forward, but very time consuming. We didn't get to use a calculator at all, just scratch paper. From what I've heard calculators are not allowed. Oh yeah, know what the mean, median, and mode is. The first couple of questions on my test were about those 3. For the science I went through this site just reading over what people were saying. Lots of people were suggesting physics4kids.com and the sites other links like chem4kids.com. I went over those sites and it helped. But the ATI teas study guide science portion went into WAAAAAY too much detail. It makes you kinda confused. So don't think it'll be that tough because it wasn't too bad. Under the life science part of the study guide there was questions on passive/active transport/facilitated diffusion, hypotonic/hypertonic/istonic solutions, homozygous/heterozygous, dilution, and independent/dependent variable/and control. Also, I had to know the how to read the periodic table because there were questions about naming the element that was drawn. The reading and the english part are pretty basic, you can't really study for it. Just go through the practice tests and you'll be fine. Oh ya I studied off these questions too http://www.testprepreview.com/teas_practice.htm , I'm sure you've already seen this but it helped!

    Im gonna try to make an appointment within the next couple of months! I'll probably just try to email her and see if I can get a response that way. Thanks for the info! Good luck studying and I'll talk to you soon!