spine surgery/extremity strength

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    We currently have a flow sheet we use for upper/lower extremity strengths for our spine surgery patients. However, it does not cover all spine levels, does anyone have one that covers all of them? Is there such a thing?

    What we use is pretty handy as it has pictures on the back as reference on how to do the check for our novice and float nursing staff. But, I think we can do better.

    The only other thing on the neuro spine assessments we chart is numbness/tingling (for all spine surgeries) and speech/swallowing (for c-spine's).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    can you e-mail me the flow sheet you use for assessments on patients with prior c-spine surgery dealing with numbness and tingling?
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    In Joanne HIckey's neurosurgical book 5th edition, there is a sheet for nursing assessment of spinal cord function. (page 438 & 439). It covers motor function on 1 page and sensory function on page 2. It looks at L&R. . Starts with upper arm abduction, upper arm adduction, elbow flexion, elbow extension, wrist flex, wrist extend, finger flex, finger extend, etc...all the way down to toe.Strength is documented from 0 (complete paralysis) to 5(normal power). then still on the motor page it looks at deep tendon reflexes (0 to 4+) & superficail reflexes (present or absent) The sensory page lookes a dermatomes -- Position /vibration and pain.
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    thanks. does this apply to emergency nurses as well?
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    It could apply to ED as well, but quite frankly, i've never seen an ED nurse go into any such depth ( I think with the docs there all the time they just leave it to them). But I don't know, maybe i'll be pleasantly surprised by another poster.

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