Pregnant in Neuro ICU?

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    I just moved across the country and am looking for a new job. I have been an RN in CVICU stepdown for 3 years, but there are no CVICU jobs available in my area. I've always been fascinated w/ Neuro, and there are several Neuro ICU night shifts available which I would LOVE to apply for. However, I am 11 weeks pregnant w/ my first child and am concerned about the "fast-paced/high acuity" aspect of the job. If I wasn't pregnant, it wouldn't even be an issue, I know I would love it and learn a lot, but I need some words of wisdom from you Neuro ICU veterans about starting such an intense unit while I'm pregnant. Is there a lot of running around, lifting, are the pts pretty clean (or is it a dirty unit like MICU?). I really don't want to pass up this opportunity, but I also want to protect my baby! Any thoughts are appreciated!!
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  3. by   bellehill
    I worked in a busy Neuro ICU my entire pregnancy. I was supposed to work the night I had my child. It is like any nursing job. You take normal precautions just like you would with any patient, even if you aren't pregnant. If you want to try neuro then do it. The worst part? All the sadness with those extra hormones in your body!
  4. by   NR5J3N
    I had been working in the neuro ICU for 2 yrs when I got pregnant. My son is 5 weeks old now and I worked all the way up to a week before I delivered. I had a nomal pregnancy besides gestational diabetes. I was fine all the way up to 36/37 weeks then I became miserable. I was exhausted. It's hard enough getting around during your 8/9th month then on top of that doing 12s, turning,pulling, and bathing patients, roadtrips were difficult, along with the other nursing duties. I felt bad always asking for help, but I worked with a wonderful team of nurses that was willing to be my wingman. If your interested in getting the experience I'd go for it. It may be difficult, but I think any nursing job will be physically demanding. I wish I wouldn't have pushed myself into doing 12s and did 8s the last month. Congrats and good luck.