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I am told we will be using the NIHSS stroke scale in our SICU and that we only need to do it on assessment , after 48 hours and then again at transfer. Is this standard practice?:uhoh21:... Read More

  1. by   betty246
    has anyone yet started a stroke forum and does anyone use a seperate tool from the GCS(Glasgow Coma Scale) as you will know this is not really for assessing stroke patients does anyone know of any other tool other than the NIHSS for assessing stroke patients.
  2. by   misswoosie
    I think only the admin can start a separate forum.
    For assessing neurological deficit in acute stroke the NIHSS is almost always used. Another one that used to be used pre-NINDS (at least in Europe) was the Scandanavian Stroke Scale.

    For classification of type of stroke there's the Bamford or Oxford Stroke classification which is always used in the UK , but not sure about in the USA.
    http://- Key role in development of hospital wide protocol and pathway for out-patient treatment of VTE

    For assessment of handicap the Modified Rankin scale
    Rehab Measures - Modified Rankin Handicap Scale

    For assessment of disability the Barthel Index