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Hi, new to site, but appreciate all the info I've received. My questions is this: in today's job market of summer 2011, is it possible to get an ICU job as a new grad? Friends tell me to hold out, but all hospitals are telling... Read More

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    We hire new graduates into the ICU. It just varies from hospital to hospital. You wont know how to move around until you get in somewhere. It is not impossible to move. If a hospital needs staff they will hire. However, as a new grad, just get in somewhere. You can move, maybe not right away, which is what im assuming your friend meant. Most hospitals have a policy that you cannot transfer within so many days. This is usually due to the high cost of orientation. I know at my hospital it costs about 40k to train a new hiring you in and having you transfer is not economical.

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    PM me...where are you willing to move? I have 6 years in neuroicu at one of the top research facilities in the US. I also did travel nursing in neuroicu.
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    I have an interview at MCCG. What ICU do you work in? Do you enjoy working in the ICU?

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