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  1. :angel2: I recently graduated from nursing school in May. I will be taking my boards within the week. I recently interviewed for a tele, coronary care, & neuro ICU. When offered the positions, I chose the Neuro unit. I would like to know if anyone can make suggestions as to how I should prepare myself before starting on the floor. Also, when would you suggest I join nursing organizations & which ones?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   Nurse2bMelanie
    Im with you on this one! Istar the neuro/neuro ICU next week!
  4. by   RoxanRN
    first and foremost, concentrate on nclex. when nclex has been completed, then you can start looking at familiarizing yourself with the unit's "way of life." that includes but not limited to:
    drugs to be familiar with (this unit may utilize them differently than other units):
    - nicardipine
    - levophed
    - neo-synephrine
    - dopamine
    - nimodipine
    - phenytoin
    - fosphenytoin
    - magnesium
    - potassium
    - sodium/potassium phosphorous
    - propofol
    - versed
    - ativan
    - norcuron
    - predecex
    equipment to be familiar with:
    - ventriculostomies (set up and use)
    - camino bolts (set up and use)
    - central lines (set up and use)
    - art lines (set up and use)
    - cooling blankets/lines (set up and use)
    procedures performed at bedside:
    - ventriculostomy placement
    - camino placement
    - line placement
    - conscious sedation
    - percutanious trach placement
    - percutanious gastric tube placement
    these are but a few of the things you will become familiar with over time. don't feel like you have to learn it all now. i wish someone would have told me about all the various things we do in the unit and associated equipment. find yourself a good mentor/resource person(s) and stick to them like glue. your professional development specialist (department education person) is also a fantastic resource!

    the professional associations i would invest in are american association of critical care nurses (aacn) - and american association of neuroscience nurses (aann) - when you have enough experience/time, i recommend sitting for the critical care registered nurse (ccrn) ( and the certified neuroscience registered nurse (cnrn) ( be as active as you can in your local chapters. they are also a good resource.

    i know this seems like a lot. please don't get scared about it. you will have a blast in this unit.
  5. by   xjammer215
    Thanks for the information RoxanRN2003. Right now I'm concentrating on the boards!! I can't wait until I pass so that I can begin my career as an RN. If you remember anything else that you feel a GN should know, please feel free to let me know.
  6. by   RoxanRN
    Just be ready to continue learning...........