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Neuro nurses. What do you know about brainstorming in neuro pt? I come from a hospital that called a state that the pt. was in where increase heart rate, almost convulsion looking state... Read More

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    The patient i work for had a traumatic brain injury 5 years ago and goes though 'storming' everyday, still. HR 185, Decreased O2, Sweating, Spasms, Muscles Tightening up, Contractures...He has at least one a day, and sometimes when he gets sick it triggers a full on storming session that has lasted up to 25 hours.

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    we call it "neuro-storming" here. I have seen it once in a baby who had a severe hypoxic brain injury after prolonged cardiac arrest and resuscitation (i believe it lasted about 2 hours and he received approx 11 doses of EPI). Months after this event he lives in a constant storm. His mother refuses many medications that will stop the storming and he is constantly posturing, desatting, hypertensive, he is heartbreaking to see. As someone who knew him before the event I had a difficult time caring for him. He was trach/vent dependent before this code so he is in and out of the hospital with his family still holding hope for a recovery. It's absolutely distressing to witness but EEG's/neuro have confirmed that he is not seizing though that is what it looks like, unfortunately his family refuses most of the medications to stop the storming.
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    I have never witnessed this, but have heard of it. Does the patient loose consciousness, like a tonic clonic seizure, or can they be aware during the event?

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