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  1. I am in an LPN program for the second time in a different school. I always do well in clinical, class, and on assignments. My patients ALWAYS say what a great nurse I will be and how wonderful I do, they even tell my instructors when they come in to check on me. My current instructor says many times how she's not worried about me, how awesome I do, and how I always come prepared and know my stuff. My classmates always ask me questions about material and about what they should do for care plans, even asking what their patient's diagnosis means. However, the end of my 2nd term is coming to an in mid December and once again, my grades are great and above the 79% that is mandatory to pass, except for my exam percentage. Your average test score also needs to be 70% or above. And in one of my classes (just like the last program) is a little below. I have always had difficulties with tests and I feel that this program is my last shot and if I fail I will be lost. I already know the "secrets" to taking tests and studying and I've literally done it all! I am going on my 6th year of college and can't even get past an LPN program let alone a RN-BSN. Can anyone give me any advice? On my last test and final for one course (the one that is below 79% for my test average), I can only miss 9 questions. The test is 50 questions and the final is 100. For me, this seems impossible. ANY help or advice would be great! I'm so distraught and want this more than anything, but feel that my chance of being a nurse is coming to an end! Thanks in advance.
    -lost student
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