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  1. Hi Everyone, My husband is active duty USAF and just recieved orders to Offutt AFB in the Omaha area. We will be relocating sometime this summer. Just trying to get an idea of what the wages are in the area for OB nurses with experience. Also I noticed there are quite a few facilities in the area that offer maternity services. Can anyone make any recommendations as to which are the preferred facilities in the community and who might be looking to hire.
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  3. by   CHofmannRN
    Hi! I am also an AF spouse and new to this area. I have been researching jobs and would love to hear recommendations as well. I can tell you that there are two hospitals opening here. One literally minutes from the
    base in Bellevue. I have seen job openings for L&D there. Its under UNMC and is Bellevue Medical Center. The other hospital is Methodist Hospital and will open in June. Its a womens hospital and I have seen several openings for your specialty. As far as wages, from what I am seeing it starts out in the $20 range and they add for experience. Nebraska is a compact state and you can get a temp license while you await your permenant license. I am just beginning this process too.

    If you have any other questions about the area/base or nursing feel free to shoot me an email: Us2Hofmanns@gmail.com

    Best of luck,