Dispensing perscription drugs

  1. In a private medical office who is legally able to dispense perscription drugs? And what are a few of the legal issues in the state of nebraska. Myself & the Dr are the only licensed professionals....I am concerned that by him letting the assistants dispense & give these drugs is my nursing license in any danger? Any advise or information would be greatly appriciated
    Thank you

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  3. by   Erica1019
    We had a problem like this at my job.....YOU personally do not put your license at risk, it's the DOCS license at risk....here in MA, MA's can do what ever the doctir feels they are capable of...within limits of course....hope I helped!
  4. by   Jolie
    Please check with the BON and/or Board of Pharmacy.

    Some states require the physician to dispense medications in the office setting, and s/he MUST provide WRITTEN instructions to the patient. This is not a task that can be delegated by the physician to anyone else in the office, not the RN, LPN or MA.

    I don't know if this is how the law is written in NE, but it bears checking!
  5. by   JKDON
    I'm in NE and find that several clinics allow Medical Assistants to do this. In our local clinic, the MA gave injections.
    I wonder if you are talking about administering meds such as giving the med to the patient, or are you talking about dispensing, such as packaging for them to take home, or handing out samples which should reallly only be done by the physician.
    I'd check with the board of pharmacy.