Creighton Univ. ANC Aug. 2013

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    I'm starting Creighton's accelerated program this fall, is there anyone else here who is too?
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    Just wondering if you started the program at Creighton? I just got accepted for Jan. 2014 start. Did you see the recent post of the person who graduated in 08/2013? It wasn't positive. Just looking for another opinion on the program. Thanks for any feedback.
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    I am starting the program in jan 2014!
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    me too and I am freaking out now because I know people who just started an accelerated program where less then 40 percent of the students graduate. Anyone find any good reviews!
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    I did start the program! So far I am really liking it. Yes, you're busy ALL the time and it's really fast paced, but the quality of teaching is high and I feel really supported by the faculty. So far we've only had 1 out of 57 drop out. If you guys have anymore questions, please let me know!