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Anyone starting Creighton Accelerated BSN?

  1. 0 Hi there,

    I will be starting NS at Creighton in Jan 08 and was wondering if anyone else is out there in the same class? Also any input from past accelerated graduates would be a huge help.......getting a little nervous!!:spin:

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    Hi, I am looking into Creighton as well to start Jan 09. I was wondering how it's going?
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    Hi there,

    I am in the ANC program currently. It is awesome, but incredibley challenging. I am not sure what your situation is, but I have 3 kids (ages 8 and 5 yr old twins) and a military husband (from MT as well!) who is rarely home. So my experience is a little different than most in my class. Creighton has a very high first time pass rate on the NCLEX so the whole program is geared toward that kind a application type learning. The instructors are very available and willing to help you. I am happy to share any details with you via email if you want more info. I would recommend this program to anyone.....but be ready to give up your life as you know it for 12 months!
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    Hi neumants,

    I am almost done with my prerequisites and will be starting the ANC program at Creighton (at the Hastings campus at Mary Lanning Hospital) this August. Like you, I have a husband and kids (8 & 10 year-old daughters) and am preparing for a very challenging year. I do know some graduates of this program although they were young and single when they graduated. I have been told it is a year of HELL but well worth it...
    I'm wondering how you're doing so far, and what your biggest challenges have been. I came across this website by happenstance and am glad I found your post. Like you in your August post, I am getting nervous but am excited to start.
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    I have applied for August 2009 among many other schools as I am in California.. It is very hard to get in anywhere here. I have heard that their is a lot of learning on your own in this program. Are you satisfied with the lab time that you are getting and the clinicals? Basically do you feel that they are really training you well to enter a new grad program at a hospital. All these accelerated programs scare me a bit in the fact that there is so much to cover in such a short time... Also does anyone know how the housing --apartments are around the school?
    Thank you soo much
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    I have been accepted to start in August of 2009... Anyone else???
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    yes- see above message .. anything that you can tell me about the program?
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    Well I just found out last thursday that I was accepted, so I do not know much about the program yet. I live in WI and am flying to Omaha today with my boyfriend to look for apartments and check out the city!
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    lets us know what you find out.. Heard the school isnt in a great area but they have good security.
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    Well, it didnt seem like Creighton was in a horrible location, just not the is right downtown. Once you get into the Creighton campus, it is very nice. You walk down like cobblestone streets, and the buildings are on the left and the right. It actually is very large and very nice. I didn't spend too much time there, as we were also looking for apartments. The apartments are a little more expensive than they are here in Wisconsin, but I guess you are going to have that if you choose to live downtown. Western Omaha is where we looked for apartments, it is about a 20 minute drive to the campus, but is much quieter, and in a much better neighborhood. we found a very nice apt, that is in a gated community, and I believe that it is 815.00 for a one bedroom, but comes with a garage, washer and dryer, and a lot of other nice things.

    We were only there for about 2 days but any other questions that I would be able to answer I would be happy to help!
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    Just wondering how the program is going for anyone enrolledin it righ now.
    Also what kind of loans were you able to get for tuition? all private?
    And when did Creighton send you your information packets? I recieved my congrats letter, along with a little paperwork to fill out, but I havent heard anything from them since, I thought that they gave you a website to talk to all other accepted students?
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    Hi mcm1213 , I may be going to see Creighton this week. I am extremely stressed. I have been accepted to 2 schools in Ca besides Creighton and am on a wait list for Arizona.. which I really want.. the program is paid for by local hospitals... The ca schools start in May.. I have accepted all of them since I really wasn't sure what would happen with Arizona.. I am going to look in the area that you suggested for apartments.. have you heard anymore about the progam?
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    I'm currently in Creighton's Accelerated Program graduating this summer. It is difficult and incredibly time consuming, but Creighton is a great school and the teachers are the best I've ever had. Feel free to PM me if you want more info about the program or living in Omaha!