NCLEX - Aftermath after the 265th question

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    For those of you who got the maximum question of 265, don't feel defeated--this may sound so easy to say and hard to do but always Believe in yourself! Keep the faith! And Keep praying! You got this! :)

    NCLEX - Aftermath after the 265th question

    Hello everyone! I just want to share with y'all my NCLEX experience and resources that I used to prepare for this exam.

    I took my test last Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 8:00 am. I made sure to eat a decent meal, and my husband (yay! my designated driver that day hehe) made sure that I am comfortable and worry free prior to heading out to the testing center. Before I forget, what I did before the big day was just pray, relax, eat healthy and find a feel good movie to watch!

    I arrived 35 minutes early to the testing center. I took my two optional break period. First, after the 74th question and second I think that was the 150th question. Good thing I didn't eat all the banana during my first break, ha! So when I came back I told myself not to freak out, instead I prayed. I pray every time I am encountering questions that seems like I know or I don't know at all! Trust me, nothing beats good faith and prayer and of course believe in yourself!

    So I paced myself and tried not to look on the remaining time left so that I won't feel any pressure. I just knew that I'd be getting the maximum questions, so I said okay keep on going you got this, and I prayed a lot. After answering the maximum question finally the computer shut down, of course! I went out the building--I didn't feel happy or nervous, I think I was in between or maybe I was having an ambivalent feeling? And I was so famished!

    So when we were having our lunch, I started to feel like I want to cry but I couldn't (how crazy is that?). I told myself that I wouldn't do the PVT because I don't want to get high hopes and I don't know if that still works but when my husband and I read the thread here everyone is saying that it works! So after eating we decided to drop by to our parish church first and after 4 hours we did the PVT and I got the "good pop up"! Still not that convinced, I did it again after a couple of hours--after another couple of hours-after 24hours and last good pop up just this morning before I got my quick results. And the good news is, PVT worked for me! I found out that I PASSED!

    For those of you who got 265 questions, Don't give up! Keep on praying! Keep the faith and Believe in yourself.

    Here are the resources that I used for preparing for NCLEX-RN. I hope this can help.

    1. Kaplan
    (If you used Kaplan review your notes. I reviewed my Kaplan notes from my class before)

    2. Saunders Comprehensive Review 6th Edition
    (I finished the book for almost 2 months because I really wanted to review my content)

    3. Saunders Q & A 6th Edition
    (75 questions a day)

    4. NCSBN app
    (I answered the weekly questions)

    5. Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment by LaCharity,Kumagai and Bartz
    (I only answered until Chapter 8 because I focused more on the app that I purchased for a month and this book came a little late. But this is a good book for "who do you see first" type of questions. )

    6. UWorld
    (1 month Subscription. I used this a month before my exam. I did 75-150 questions a day. And took the Assesment a week before the exam. I personally love this app! And don't forget to understand the rationales.)

    I know this post is already lengthy but I just want to share with you these verses:

    Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

    Luke 11:9 So I say to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

    P.S BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!! Law of attraction works. God Bless y'all!!
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  3. by   Nurse Malone
    THANK YOU!!! I'm a year away from graduating and I've taken the NCLEX-PN. Your advice about praying is SO VERY TRUE!! It (and my faith in God) has carried me throughout my BSN program thus far and I know it's what's going to continue to carry me to the finish line!! Some of the instructors tend to make you feel a little weary about taking the test, especially if/when you're not doing so well (or don't feel like you completely understand even though you're passing your tests in class).

    Thank you for reminding me WHO has the final say and WHO hold my future!!

    Btw....what is PVT?
  4. by   iamwdf
    Hello, Nurse Malone! First of all I'd like to Thank you for reading my article (quite lengthy right?) And Congratulations, you're one step closer to get your BSN.

    And You're welcome, I am happy to know someone like you who strongly believes in prayer. Just like what I said, just keep the faith and believe that you already received whatever you asked for. Good luck to your future endeavors!

    P.S PVT or Pearson Vue Trick, it's when you try to re-register on your acct while waiting for the quick result, you'll get the "good pop up" saying "Our records indicates that you have recently scheduled this exam.Another registration cannot be made at this time." I hope I answered your question.
  5. by   futurenaijaRN
    I strongly believe in power of prayers, may I also request you remember me in your prayers as I will graduate in May by His grace and will be facing the Nclex in June/July. Congrats dear, all glory to God.
  6. by   leinique16
    Congrats thanks for the sharing your stories. Im a graduate from Philippines too! I will be taking mine in 2 weeks. Im just really nervous right now. What did you do or study for the last 2wks? Im also Using Uworld + PDA
  7. by   iamwdf
    Sure I will pray for you futurenaijaRN! I am positive that you'll do good! Just focus on your goal, but don't forget to at least take a day to relax after looooong hours/days of studying. Good luck and God Bless. �� To God be the Glory. ❤
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  8. by   iamwdf
    Hi kababayan leinique16! Do you speak Tagalog? It's normal to feel nervous, but use that to motivate yourself to review/study..

    For the last two weeks I only focused on the flashcards that I made--mostly laboratory values, medications and I finished the remaining items on my qbank. I did the Assessment 1 week prior to my exam. And for the last 5 days, I reviewed all my notes/rationales from UWorld. And prayed. So how's it going so far? Good luck and I know you can make it!! Claim it!
  9. by   Johnnysbx
    I took mine feb. 10, 2017.
    Used up all my 6 hrs. And ended at 220+/-.
    I don't remember.
    The day before my exam, i tried to relax and keep calm, however, it drove me crazy and I ended up opening my books.
    Day of exam, i tried to get to the testing center a few hrs. Before the exam time, but traffic killed it and i barely made it. Had a few minutes to say a little prayer and read through lab values.
    End of exam i felt numb. I didn't know what to do. I turned on my phone and automatically signed off my email so I wouldn't get anything exam result related. I just wanted to feel normal again, without thinking of the exam outcome.
    I was hesitant to check my email, but after 1 mos. Of reflecting and praying, i got the nerves to open my email, and after a call or two to my state dept. Of health & double checking with their credential verification site, i found out i had PASSED. I couldn't help but cry because through numerous attempts, i had accomplished something i thought was unreachable.
    Anyways, my thoughts of the exam are that:
    1) don't over strees yourself. Although studying and taking the exam itself is stressful, don't let stress take over you.
    2) read as much as you can. Your brain will pick up important informations that'll pop up during the exam.
    3) q & a's. Do as much a possible. If you don't want to carry your book around, take a picture of the questions along with the rationale and utilize them during free times.
    4) PRAY. I prayed every day and night. My saying is that "nothing is possible without god, and everything is possible with him." Don't just pray for a good result-that is greedy, rather, pray for help, salvation and guidance in life.

    When you feel like giving up, DON'T. Plain and simple. You've graduated. You're only 1 step away from your license. You can do it!
  10. by   iamwdf
    Hello Johnnysbx! Congratulations!!! Well-deserved. You're right, we should be praying ALWAYS, I should've emphasized that too.
    And thank you for sharing here your thoughts of the exam. Good luck and God Bless!
  11. by   RN92success
    Reading this touched my heart! Praying for success! God knows right where you are and your situation. No matter how big or small it may seem to us God is control and he's always on time! I'll be praying for you futurenaijaRN! GOD BLESS!