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Hey! Has anyone applied to St. Luke's in Kansas City for the Fall of 2012? If so, do you know when we should be recieveing our acceptance letters? Good luck! :)... Read More

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    Awesome!!!! Congratulations!
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    #3 is awesome!! Has anyone gotten their financial aid yet? And are we supposed to bring our computers to orientation on Tuesday? It says we will have computer orientation, not sure if that just means on the computers at the school?
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    I've gotten mine. Are you checking your student email? Notification of it come through there. Then, in the self service portal, you can see exactly how much you will owe. I think this will be the week that they will really be going out, which is really good news for waitlisters because at lease a few will have financial hiccups. I'm going to bring my computer Tuesday just in case. I'm excited to get my badge and begin. I think that January is a good time to start because you have the summer to recover from what I hear is a tough semester. Are you taking CPR on wednesday? dg
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    I check my email constantly, haha. I haven't gotten notification of anything. In the self-service portal, it shows what I owe, but it does not show that I've received my financial aid award letter or anything. I'm hoping to use VA benefits to pay for school as well, so I'm not sure if that is causing a hold up. I wouldn't think so? Okay, I will plan to bring my computer just in case. I'm excited! I agree with you about having January as a start date, so we can have the summer off to recuperate and work to save money. I have my CPR certification, I work at Truman and we are required to be CPR certified. So luckily I'm good on that until October. I'm going to try to work part time through the semester. I'm a little nervous about that, since I work 12 hour shifts and I will probably not be able to do much studying on those days. Will you be working?
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    No. My husband makes enough to support us in tandem with a generous financial aid package. I don't even think that I am going to work in the summer just so I can focus and reconnect with friends and family. Not totally sure about that though. We are qualified as CNA's at the end of the semester, so maybe I will get a PRN or part time gig just to get my feet in the door somewhere. I think that working is doable if you don't have any other responsibilities like kids or a husband. It all boils down to time management, which, if you got in, likely isn't an issue for you. I would at least try to take off for the first couple of weeks because I hear those are the absolute hardest, but, some don't have the circumstances to do that. Are you a veteran? Did you apply to any other programs? I put all my eggs in the SLC basket, and, so far, it hasn't let me down. What group are you in? I am in 1B. Let's PM on D2L sometime. I don't want to post my name online, but you can find me by my profile picture. It is me, my husband, and son who is a redhead. That should be enough info.
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    I'll message you tomorrow, heading to bed for an early morning.
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    First syllabus is posted...yikes!
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    Hello everyone! Congratulations on attending Saint Luke's. I applied for the fall 2014 semester and received a call yesterday stating that I was accepted, YAY! I have yet to receive all of the paperwork, they said it would arrive mid-next week. I am honestly VERY excited to have gotten accepted and currently basking in the joy of finally starting nursing school in the fall. However, I am also a second-degree seeking student therefore I am positive that I will only receive federal aid in the form of loans (which I have a lot of from my first degree). Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to afford tuition with minimal loans? Scholarships? Is anyone able to work and attend school? Renting texts for the first term, or buying from previous students? Thank you all, and I hope your classes are starting off well.
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    Student loans are the absolute worst! I'm currently looking for various organizations that offer scholarships. We'll all be in the same boat soon. I was working part-time until 2 weeks ago. It was a pain and always felt like I needed to be studying instead of working my desk-job. Again, I'm only able to NOT work because I received max amount of aid for this semester. I know it'll suck the life out of me later on, but that was the only way to do it. As far as textbooks go, I was able to get most of mine from other students and that saved a couple hundred dollars. You also maybe able to find some at Half Price Books. Amazon is great too, but you'll still need to purchase access codes from the publisher. Congrats on your acceptance!! Enjoy your "freedom" while it lasts
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    Thank you for the info! So far do you enjoy the program and are you happy that you chose Saint Lukes?